The Official Qanba Fightstick Thread (New products Coming)


Looking for a replacement USB cable for the Qraf4, can’t seem to find anything in the U.K.


You can use any USB cable


Get any 1.1 or 2.0 USB cable with a Male Type A at one end.
The other end does not matter as you are clipping that end off.

You ether are going to splice the new cable onto existing wiring of your stick (inside the case of course) or you are soldering the cable directly to the PCB.

Do not forget your strain relief for your cable inside. Tying a knot in the cable inside of the case will work. If your stick has it use the existing pillar structure to snake your cable around. Or do both.

Some people do is install a USB pass-though, so you have a external detachable cable.
Some people use a neutrik or Switch Craft Panel mount USB connector. and on the external side use a normal A to B USB cable like you would use with a printer.


Thanks for the info, I had just cut the cable at the fault and spliced it together outside the box. But that only lasted a few months. I guess I have to up my soldering skills, thanks for the strain relief tip. That makes sence.

Pass through is cool but I’m not worried, I just need to keep her going until I can afford a new stick.


Checking the EU stores not even the Crystal is out yet when was available in US since the end of October/November. At this rate probably we can’t get the Obsidian or Dragon before the summer. So much time, I’m gonna check something else at this point.


Email pexon and ask them to make a custom cable for you. They’re based in UK.

You will need to take a picture or send them the pinouts and dimensions of the original Qanba cable.
I BELIEVE the original Qanba JST connector is JST XH (2.54mm spacing row)–I could be wrong, maybe @Darksakul would know. That’s because the Brook Universal Fighting Board’s USB JST connector uses 2.54mm spacing row, with 4 pins, but does not use the shield ground pin, while the original Qanba PCB does, with 5 pins. The qanba USB cable has 5 pins: red, white, green, black, black, in that order.

Alternatively, have someone buy this cable and ship it to you or buy it yourself.

There are USB to JST connector cables out there but you have to make sure the size is correct.

If you get the JST size correct and the pinout wire colors, Pexon will make a cable for you, but it will cost you.


Are the crystal, q2 glow and q2 pro top panels identical?


Has anyone came across this version of the Dragon?


Hello Guys,

I bought a Qanba Dragon in Import (France here) via two month ago and it does not seem to be working anymore (not detected or lights on even if I change USB port on my PC - windows 10).

Would you have any idea what could have hapened or could you please inform me of Qanba customer services email, so I can try to contact them for my issue ?

Have a nice day.


This is pretty damn awesome. Where can this version be purchased? If you can link a place, I might be tempted to finally put my SFvT 360 stick to rest! (my Q4 is modded with a UFB).

Edit I PM’d Qanba on facebook and they said this joystick is not for sale…



So I received support from a guy from Qanbashop : I can connect my fightstick again to the PC by pressing the “Turbo” button a for 4 seconds !

Stange trick but welcomed. Thank you to Qanbashop guy who is very nice and accessible.


i was trying to see if anyone fully opened up an obsidian to see if the LEDs on the side panels can be changed.
was just curious to see if it was even possible.


Haven’t got my hands on an Obsidian yet, but I’ve done a detailed modders review of the Qanba Dragon.
Please show support and like/comment/subscribe if you YouTube and like what you see and want to show support.


Confirmed Qanba Obsidian has arrived.

I’ll be doing another detailed breakdown & review as I did shown on the above post.

Should take me a week or two.


I got a sample one that I pulled apart
A few things to note

  1. Each side panel needs to be removed (7 screws)
  2. Each inner panel needs to be removed (another 7 screws)
  3. There are two PCB on either end (from and back) of the panel
  4. Each PCB has two white LED on it (one on each side)
  5. It is a two wire system (source/ground)


I just got Dragon from amazon deal. Its soo heavy! Its so damn stable though so its great for at home gaming, it would be a problem for tournies


Hey everyone,

Can someone tell me if the Dragon or even the Obsidian for that matter would fit on your lap when using a computer chair with arm rests? A DXRacer chair more specifically. The stick will be primarily used on my lap and not a desk/table.


Obshitian @ 18"
Dwagon @ 20"
I’ve used VLX’s on my lap on desk chairs with arms you should have no problems. If anything sit upright and scootch up a little to bypass the arm rests you’re not using whilst playing.


Obshitian… That bad, eh?


Thanks for the info! I was leaning towards the Obsidian simply due to mobility and possibly comfort due to it’s smaller size, but I take it that you’re not a fan of it? Lol.