The Official Qanba Fightstick Thread (New products Coming)


No I love their lineup sorry I was being obnoxious it was a long half day @ work before this memorial day weekend.


I’m looking at getting a Carbon or Q1 with a Brook Converter for Xbox One use…is it possible for somebody with zero modding experience to install Sanwa buttons and a JLF stick to the Carbon without soldering or anything beyond easy drop-in/snap parts?

Option 2 is to grab a Qanba Shop Q1 with Sanwa parts already installed and pay-up on shipping, unfortunately.


Yes, Sanwa upgrade is easy mode.


Thanks man, I just watched a ton of videos and it seems easy enough. I was a bit confused by the first one that I watched before posting as it mentioned some more advanced mods which I got crossed-up with the JLF drop-in.

Pretty sure I can handle it and it might be fun. New question though…any key know if the Carbon has a separate artwork and panel, or if the artwork is screenprinted onto the panel like the Q1?


The carbon has a plexi with the artwork infused onto it like the Q4.


Does anyone have the Qanba Q4Raf Ice Red and can tell me if the balltop color is red or vermillion ? I really like the color and I want to buy buttons and a balltop of the same shade for an arcade control panel. Thanks.


I would say Red. Vermilion has a slight orange cast to it and the Qanba Q4Raf Ice Red is more of a deep crimson.


Hi everyone~

I recently decided to switch to stick, but unfortunately the stick that I really wanted is only for Xbox 360/PS3/PC. It is the Qanba Q2 Glow. Does anyone know a stick just like this or very similar for the Xbox One?

Thank you !


There is none. Qanba didn’t bother with Xbone. You’re better off getting the Q2 Glow and modding it.


So I’ve started into a dm Obsidian to ufb on a dpdt switch. Both boards come up like they should but not getting buttons or inputs for the ufb. Curious things; i wire up the stick and up is active untouched or if I put in a button input it’s active with no ground wire. I haven’t seen anyone else try to dm these yet but wanted to give it a go.

Edit: Obsidian works fine 100% but just ufb.
Another Edit: I’m thinking I’m missing where I can power up the board from the ufb perhaps but then why are things registering at all then?


You might need diodes for every input because of the touchpad. Better off just doing a full pcb swap imo.


Any idea when Amazon USA will restock the Obsidian?


I wanted to keep audio support and touchpad on the Qanba board. But diodes make sense. Thanks.


Anyone in Europe who can enlighten me on the best way to get hold of the Obsidian? Seems impossible without paying a fortune in shipping…


That just the European market for you


Anyone got an english user manual for Q4Raf? Got the white / red version second hand, buttons are wrongly mapped (1–>3, 3–>4, 4–>1 and shoulder buttons switched sides)

Accidentally plugged the stick to my PC the first time on 360 mode, got an driver installation error but now it seems to have installed through after re-plugging. Still mismapped buttons. I got a japanese user manual along the box but there seem to be some steps to set this thing up on PC. (Using PC/PS3 mode now)


Stupid question about puttin sanwa buttons in the Crystal. If you don’t care about LED functionality, can you just pop them in like in any other stick without worry? Or do you have to do something with the LED board / wires / whatever. I’m not great at this sort of thing


Yes. Regular Sanwa buttons will fit right in. Just push the extra LED wire off to the side or wrap them up if you’d like.


i’m replacing the stock buttons on a qanba carbon (a Q1 reskin) with sanwa OBSFs i’ve had since 2004, but the buttons don’t seem to fit the holes properly. the buttons can shift around by up to 2 mm, which any person would consider unacceptable. i assume that sanwa did not increase the size of their buttons between 2004 and now. i am also wondering if the tabs that stick out of the button which have the ridges to hold the housing to the panel are somehow angled incorrectly (ie. not sticking out enough) from prior use. however, there is no vertical movement of the button housing in the panel, so i can’t imagine why that would be an issue. maybe the button housings are warped from pressure when they were in my old stick? is that possible for the type of plastic sanwa buttons are made of? the stock buttons fit firmly and do not budge, so there doesnt seem to be any defect with the qanba.

hope somebody can shoot some ideas off me as this simple project has actually been a total bust so far.


Hey does anyone know if Qanba Q1 ps3 work for a ps4 specifically for sfv and ultra?