The Official Qanba Fightstick Thread (New products Coming)


It should work for SFV (can’t remember how reliable the legacy support in that game is), but I don’t think Ultra has legacy support.

On a fresh sanwa button there are noticeable protrusions around the housing. These are meant to secure the button to the panel in addition to the snap tabs. These can get worn down with repeatedly removing/installing them, making the button looser.


Can the Qanba Obsidian PCB be relocated? I want to use Crown/Samducksa buttons, but those only come in screw on varieties, and the PCB on this is allegedly mounted to the bottom of the control panel making the nut not have room to fit.


I’m guessing this question has been asked before, but I have a question for any Qanba Dragon owners.
Is it comfortable on your lap or is it purely a “coffee table” stick?


It’s really comfortable on my lap, I even perfer it over the Hori VLX comfort wise.


Huh, interesting. It looks so massive that I didn’t think it would be comfortable. Wish I could try it out, but no one in my local scene has one.


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Hi guys, I have a Qanba Q4 Raf 2in1 and I’d like to know what joysticks will fit in it and plug straight in, the current JLF is getting old and i’d like to try something new for a change if possible. Cheers


2in1? I thought it was a 3in1? Xbox360, PS3, and PC?

In any case, assuming it’s just the regular Q4RAF, JLF and Seimitsu LS-32 will both work. I assume other similar Sanwa and Seimitsu products will work, since they generally have the same attachment points.

Keep in mind with Seimitsus, you’ll need to remove the top panel, which requires a bit more work than doing it from the bottom. Still fairly easy to do with the right hand tools, patience, and basic knowledge of how to use tools. Seimitsus also require that you flip the 5-pin harness upside down from how its oriented with Sanwa.


Crown 309MJ fits in a Q4RAF with no issues


Thanks for the replies, that’s really good to know.

2in1 is PS3 and PC only, looks slightly different

That should be no problem, what is the LS-32 like compared to a JLF? I’m wanting something less “loose” and a lot shorter throw ideally


Ah, then I can’t guarantee whether it’ll work or not. Whether or not Sanwa and Seimitsu are swappable depends entirely on what kind of mount you have in the Qanba. While universal is becoming fairly standard, I’ve got no personal experience with this stick.

I greatly prefer the LS-32. Shorter throw, slightly less pronounced dead spot in the neutral, the levers have a nice “bounce” to them to let you feel engagement before it clicks. It’s the stick of choice for many old school Capcom heads and people who are into shmups. So far I’m enjoying it more than the JLF.

While the JLF is popular, general consensus is that it’s sort of the “all-arounder” stick that does nothing well and nothing bad. But the build quality is nice as well on both sticks.

A worn out Sanwa JLF will feel better than a worn out LS-32 imo, but in either case, a general cleaning + relubing will get things feeling new. For me, Seimitsu LS-32 has so far been my favorite (and the most popular Seimitsu stick) and Sanwa JLW is my favorite Sanwa stick.


Thanks for the help guys, I went with the Crown 309MJ


Just bought a Qanba drone. Will a Qanba drone fit an LS-32 or LS-300? Google tells me the height is similar to other Qanba products so I’m guessing an LS-32 will fit just fine.
Just want to be sure before I order some parts.


I don’t think anything other than a jlf will fit. take a look at this vid


I highly disagree, I can get a Seimitsu joystick in there


do you have to do anything to the case? does it for right in?also, which models? I wanted to get one for my kid but it looked like some sticks like the hayabusa won’t fit


I’ve already posted this in the main Q&A thread, but some of my plastic on my Obsidian’s cable door broke and wanted to know if the replacement Qanba sells on the website is a perfect fit for the Obsidian.


Just to follow up with my previous post. LS-300 fits inside the Qanba Drone. You have to bend the tabs on the micro switches a little bit but it works just fine.


Anyone know the exact size dimensions of the qanba carbon?


Also would a brooks ps4 board fit inside it, or would i have to just use a brooks ps4 adapter?