The Official Qanba Fightstick Thread (New products Coming)


anyone know if the obsidian and dragon use the same pcb?


Anyone have any experience with powder coating arcade stick parts? Thinking of getting the sides of my qanba obsidians powder coated black. Do I need to worry about the sides getting warped? Not sure if it’s aluminum or metal?

#3363 is selling replacement doors now


Hey there,

I’m having trouble getting my eightarc fusion stick to work with my PS4. Up until this point, it was working just fine with the help of a PS3 to PS4 brook converter. However, the PS4 got a new update recently and after updating both PS4 AND the converter, my stick no longer gets recognized by the console. Before the update, I managed to make it work with some weird trick:

  1. Connect the stick with the Xbox360 mode and wait until all LEDs started blinking
  2. Unplug the stick, switch to PS3/PC mode and plug it in again

Doing that made the stick work in PS3/PC. Merely plugging it in with PS3/PC without the steps above yielded no results. No blinking LEDs, nothing. Ever since the update the trick doesn’t work, either.

On my PC the stick works just fine, both with Xbox360 and PS3/PC mode. Am I the only one with that issue?


Hi guys I recently bought a Qanba Obsidian.
I noticed two issues:

1 the rubber stripe in the right side isn’t aligned with the plate, it’s somehow lifted, I think it’s an issue of the plastic

2 if I turn off ps4 with obsidian connected then I turn on again , I can’t power on the stick . I have to detach usb cord and plug in again

Does someone have same issues ?


I’m trying to mod my Qanba Q4RAF White into a Hit Box (stickless) layout. Any ideas on where to get the plexi and metal underplate?

Just a quick draft of the design.