#-The OFFICIAL quote thread-#

So some of us Team SVGL/Team Salinas hyphy area have talked about a book of nEEzy quotes… mostly jokingly but I think it’s time to get serious about it. So… If you have a funny quote, game related or otherwise, post it here. And to start it off take a look at my signature…
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I got a cableguy one.

cableguy: “call me…Prince-S”

Korngo:Chris Schmidt “The Fucking Problem”

Hiro & Payaso arrival at Keystone = Choi: Ya’ll it just got alittle Darker in here


Ryan:I can’t beat that robot CHUNKS. Let’s play on lowdamage!

Woo: The square root of 1 is 1.

Chunk: I was born lucky.

Hyro: “TELL ME THE CODE!” , “Will Woo unleash Ironman’s true air infinity combo? Or will Hyro escape from the madness? Woo: Will Woo do a fishsticks cannon and do jab, jab, super, super, super, short, short, super, dhc on Hyro? Hyro: Negative.”

Ryan: “Yeah, it’s my birthday everyday when i play marvel”

Cableguy walking through the Wendy’s drive through and says, “Can i get the number one…Oh yeah, can i get this to go?”

Cableguy: “Oh man, at NCR…In the back…I gave it to See Jay”.

lol, i can’t think of anything else right now.

Cableguy is going to get seriously manhandled(get it… cause he wants to MAN-HANDLE CJ?) This thread is going to turn into “What dumb shit did Steven say now?” Enough of that on to the funnies---->

CableGuy(drunk): Ni**a

Ryan: CHUNKS!!!

Everyone: CableGuy’s girlfriend’s name is Drive F:

Woo: CJ, lets do 3 out of 5 for 10.

CJ: Okay

Woo wins

CJ: Let me get that again!

Erik: “I SWEAR, Chunk’s sentinel is now known of Stomp The Yard, FUCK!”

Chunk: “Did you see what nEEEzy did to cableguy’s sent in the middle of the shockwave?!?!?! Shit was like a football scrapin’ on grass after a kickoff!” lololololol

Just trying to bump the thread =]

lol jagga got ROCKED!!

aight guys I gotta start helping/coaching ppl’s game for that smart stuff. We gotta get ready for evo and i’ll critique everyone telling then what they could have/should have done.

hit me up tonight, practice @ the crizzle lab.

chunk: “why the hell am i licking your shit”?

you still the man. the south american assassin. is the MM still on? 707 rolls through on saturday. i’ll hit you up later

tyram: “fear the k”

redshuma: “you may be good at a video game but i get pussy”

thats all i can think of for now.

Neezy: How does he do it…





chucky: NEVER awwwww

ME: Hey cableguy… why don’t you and cj do a suck a dick match, the loser sucks the winner off.
CG: Maybe later.

Crizzle: Scrubkiller the jump master lol

Scrubkiller: Tha Crizzle master =)

Chucky: Random guy how long have you been playing this game Bitch you suck

Random guy: Nigga i dont even have a system and im beating your ass lmfao

Scrubkiller: YOU MOTHA FUCK

MAN… It’s not FUCK it’s Phuc can’t u see the difference??


CJ: (to CableGuy) You may beat me in Marvel from time to time, but I beat you in life.