The Official Ranting Thread


Love the game? Hate the game? Love the systems? Hate the systems? Hate the fact that a character you love isn’t in the game? Want to tell everyone how much you hate the Gem system?

Then feel free to do it here and here only. Enough derailing threads with pointless complaining.

"How did you lose when the game was blocking for you?"
The Gem System Thread

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!


-I remember when people were fearing this game was gonna be SF4+some Tekken guys.

-A lot of the anti-Gem sentiment really is just “change is bad” and fearing deviation from a formula, and this sentiment itself isn’t new, especially to fighting games. “Infinite assists and 4 attack buttons? NOT MY MARVEL.”

-That said, Capcom is really, really messing up if they’re dolling out anything other than cosmetic effect Gems as paid DLC.

-However, what I CAN see them doing is using the League of Legends model, which allows one to either earn points toward buying their stat-up items (runes) via simply playing the game (which itself is free, I still haven’t paid a dime) OR spending the money to unlock whatever runes they need. Both ways take from the same pool of runes. In fact, the more I dwell on it, the more I think this is what they’ll do. But, speculation.

-Juri Han and Vega/Claw CONFIRM ALREADY. Also, put in Bryan Fury.

-I’d rather get Hyper Street Fighter X Tekken 1-and-1/2 years or 2 years from now than anymore paid DLC, especially if Capcom keeps to their practice of cutting the MSRP for such a future edition.


k, lemme start:

[]Useless gameplay additions that no one ever cares about. And worse of that; said shitty gameplay elements taking priority over relevant stuff (like character reveals at major events and player feedback about the gameplay);
]The (bad) overhaul in the chaining system - something that didn’t bothered anyone, save some elitist players who will not even play the game in the first place;
[]Horrible horrible background music lol;
]Tekken characters being handled in a fashion that isn’t even close to their real counterparts (with Raven and Julia being the worst offenders);
[]A poor roster design overall. Exepct for Poison, Rolento and Hugo, all of the characters are the mainstream casual ones;
]Kuma purposely being the worst character in the game;
[*]That stupid and obnoxious “X the Line” series - offending the Tekken player-base was really necessary, Capcom?

There’s even more things that I could add, but I’ll limit myself with these.


seriously, this.
first i was so happy they included my tekken main in this crossover, but after seeing his gameplay i kinda stalled… somehow this raven reminds me of his tekken counterpart only in appearance and it’s just not enough…


played the build at evo i thought it was pretty fun and sick. the main problem is WTF is up with this gem shit. honestly shit like that already ruined the game i dunno if this game should even be considered for competitive play. imo they should have gem system as a separate mode like pandora. But ono confirmed u cant remove it and made for competitive play. i thought it had potential but nope not anymore.


Pandora isn’t a separate mode, but a gameplay mechanic. That you didn’t realize this shows that Pandora Mode is fine where it is and I hope it stays near useless.

Though maybe you meant to say Heroes & Heralds from UMvC3.

Then we get into the real question of how good Gems will be for the health of the game. Heroes & Heralds is going in as a separate mode with the notion of very little, if no balance. This allows them to go crazy with the effects, but also means that some card combinations. will crop up as ridiculous unless steps are taken to limit them.

However, as Ono pushes it and you admit, Gems are being made with a competitive environment in mind. They very well may add a pleasurable layer of strategy and depth to the game. They will be balanced with competitive gaming in mind.

The real problems people seem to be having with Gems are acquisition methods and plain not liking them in concept as a preference. The latter is all well and fine an opinion to hold, nothing wrong with it; some will like it, some won’t, as goes most anything else in gaming. The former problem is much more worrisome. Could be time consuming. Gaming gods forbid they go “pay to win” with the stat changing gems. Or maybe we’re being worry-warts and only cosmetic gems will be priced, while any stat-affecting gems are either in-game or free DLC. Who knows. I’m optimistic on the concept of Gems, but stil lin wait and see mode on how they’re executed.

Either way though, I do not look forward to watching people pick their bling in tourneys.


Alright originally I was pretty hyped on this game at earlier stages in development. It was like ok a tag version of SSF4 with Tekken characters I’m on board for this. But low and behold they began to reveal this cluster fuck of game mechanics that have me scratching my head.

The worst of them being the gem system that is now confirmed to be implemented in a way that can’t be disabled. Are you kidding me!? I’m no elitist by any means but the fact that some guy can just add a gem to help him block is absurd. I get it, the game has to be beginner friendly and what not but why isn’t the option to turn that shit off there? Is it because they don’t want their stupid idea to go to waste? Oh yeah let’s not forget some gems will come as lovely dlc.

The game is also aesthetically displeasing, it’s so dark and grungy. All of the street fighter characters look like they got memberships to L.A.TAN. I won’t talk about the character roster since that’s all preference but I will shed a tear for my girl Makoto, you will be missed.

Anyway I’m done I know I’ll still buy the game regardless if it’s a pile of shit or not because that’s what everyone will be playing sadly.


The worst thing for me was the look of the game. I thought it was literally the worst looking game to come out of Capcom, period. Am I imagining things or have they toned the filters down though? The recent vids aren’t as vomit-inducing as the earlier ones.


Not anyone. I’m for sure stick with my regulars to enjoy the games I’m used to play.

Skipping SFxT (or any Capcom fighter for the matter) isn’t a far-fetched decision.


To be fair, I may pass on this game because Diablo III will drop on early 2012 and it gets priority over any game to me (sorry Capcom). That being said, my opinion isn’t worth as much as some of you guys.

The only thing that I’m worried about is the pay to win model that could ensue from DLC gems. Still, right now we don’t know for sure if those pre order gem packs are DLC exclusive or early unlocks (like 3SO had for Gill and dip switches), or if there are DLC exclusive gems at all in the game.


Poison isn’t mainstream casual? I mean it’s not like people were requesting her because they enjoy her playstyle.

I was kinda ticked that she made it in but in retrospect, yeah, at least they made a quirky, unexpected choice there. Better her than Evil Ryu or something.

But what I think we all really want to know is WHY ISN’T MEGA MAN IN THE GAME CRAPCOM?!?!

Game is still kinda looking better than SF4 tbh, with the gems being a wild card.


This game looks like ass.


Poison was a niche and obscure character. Then just after her inclusion to the game, she became a hot subject in most gaming sites and communities. At least she finally got a good exposure - and good things came from it too (like LBGT gaming character discussions).


New characters > copy paste characters. We need more Poison’s, Hugo’s and Rolento’s for SFxT!


thanks for pointing that out for me about pandora i thought it was gonna be separate mode but holy crap thats lame as hell. I really liked the evo build where there was no pandora or gem system. The gem system doesnt sound to bad but i honestly dont really like it either. When i saw the video where Seth said when ryu activated these red gems and gain 40% more dmg i was like facedesk why!!! The Gem system reminds me of Marvel Super Heroes if thats the correct game that had gems in it that gave speed, power and etc.


More Final Fight characters?


I’m going to wait and see how this turns out. Capcom knows fighting games better than most companies and their innovations seem to catch on. I’m not sure how they expect people in tournaments to quickly select characters and gems, but if they made this game with tournaments in mind then I’m sure they will have a way. Who knows gems could be a great balancing factor because it seems like with the conditions to activate their effects and the costs of those effects all gems aren’t gonna be good for all characters… Example… Player must use three comand grabs for armored grabs to be activated. Not too useful for ryu, but great for zangeif. Or character must land five projectiles to get sped up ex projectiles, not useful for zangeif, but great for ryu.


Plays like it too.


Effects gems might make it so we don’t see the same character and team clones at tournies, and encourage more diversity


With that post, I wanted to point out that SFxT needs more Poison/Hugo/Rolento as in “refreshing characters”, rather than the usual/reused characters. But I wouldn’t mind having Guy and Cody in the game TBH.