The Official Response to the MvC2 situation

After many hard hours of debating back and forth on issues regarding the situation, the vote was extremely close for what to do in this unusual circumstance. Evo is a tournament of pride and integrity and cannot be held hostage by any players or hardware.

While several staff do believe that xbox would be a fine tournament, the players simply did not want to play on a version that was inaccurate. Many were passing the blame onto SRK and to EVO because of the bad conversion. Blame Capcom of America and not us.

While Blue Boxes of death are extremely common in Evolution tournament play, they seem to be the choice of the players without hesitation. We cannot turn our back on the players that got Evo to where it is.

Effective immediately, the tournament will be changed from Xbox to Dreamcast. There will be no support offered. SRK owns 20 dreamcasts, and 40 ps2 converters. There will be no other options issues from SRK. The players will have to deal with the blue boxes as they see fit.

James Chen has asked to do the rules portion of the MvC2 tournament, to eliminate as many blue box hazards as possible. He will post shortly after explaining whats going to be done to try to get the blue box percentage down.

After battling with this decision all week, the staff feels they have come up with a fair option to the players at EVO. If at any time, players start to whine or complain that this tournament is on Dreamcast, the tournament will be immediately cancelled.

This is what the players asked for, so here it is.

good shit good shit good shit


As I said, if we speak, they will listen.

Thank you Evo. Thank you for listening, And thank you for caring about your players.

However, one question. The blue boxes?

I’ve never experienced these, can someone shed some light into the ordeal for me?

In response, I must offer a truly innovative idea.

Every time there is a blue box in MvC2 bigscreen matches, we do something totally crazy. Like kick someone in the balls, chug a beer/take a shot, Wiz does standup comedy, we play the Benny Hill theme while four people run around like idiots, someone reenacts the Three Stooges, we get a hot girl to flash the crowd, or something equally dumb.

At least that way, getting a blue box wont be such a fucking pain in the ass. SHIT the match got ruined, but now we get to see something INSANE! Everyone wins!

start a match of marvel, unplug your controller… congrats, you’ve experienced blue box

now do it again while you’re in the middle of the second ahvb with cable and you will understand why they wanted to put it on xbox

These rules are subject to change at any point, obviously, as new ideas, more experimentation, and points we did not think about beforehand bring up necessary change. But what is written here currently CANNOT BE QUESTIONED and we WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY CRYING ABOUT THE RULES. The Rules are created HARSH for a reason. If you have any objections to the rules, please state your case and your arguments in a proper fashion. Any posts just complaining and that’s it will be deleted.

So without further ado, here are the new rules on Blue Screens.


  1. NO VMUs ALLOWED. You can bring them and use them in the BYOC, but you cannot use them during an official tournament match during Evo. If you have a VMU hard-wired to your joystick, you’re out of luck. Remove it, get a new stick, or borrow someone else’s.

  2. NO EXTENSION CALBES ALLOWED. As with VMUs, you cannot have any extension cables of any kind. If your cord is too short and, without an extension cable, you have to sit really close to the screen, at least Kobun will be easier to spot for you. If your stick has an extension cord hard-wired to it, remove it, get a new stick, or borrow someone else’s.

  3. NO CUSTOM CONVERTERS ALLOWED. You can only use the PS2 to DC converters (or which ever converter you need) provided by the staff. While these converters may not be any less electricity consuming as other converters, sticking with a consistent set of converters will only help that much, and experimentation will be performed by the Evo Staff to see if some converters are better than others. If you have a converter hard-wired to your joystick, we have no clue why you would do such a stupid thing.

  4. MAS STICKS are allowed, but will not be tolerated very long. They provided the worst problems at last year’s Evo and had a history of not registering on the DC so that the Versus Mode would not show up. If we cannot get it to register within 30 seconds of starting to try, you will be forced to use a stick provided by the staff or borrow a stick from anyone kind enough to lend it to you. If you have a MAS stick that has TWO OUTPUTs, one for the DC and one for the PS2, you will be REQUIRED TO USE THE PS2 PORT and a staff-provided converter.


  1. If at any time a Blue Screen occurs during a match, we will immediately look for violators of the above Controller Rules #1-3. If an offender is found, they IMMEDIATELY LOSE THAT MATCH and are forced to switch to a staff provided stick or borrow one from anyone kind enough to lend one. THERE IS NO DEBATE ON THIS. Even if you are Cable AHVB’ing the opponent’s last character who has no life left and a blue screen occurs and you are found with a VMU plugged into your controller, you register a loss. Even if your opponent says you can have the win, TOO BAD. You will register the loss and your opponent goes scott-free.

2a) If a Blue Screen occurs and neither player has a joystick that goes against any of the above Controlelr Rules #1-3, the two players playing can both agree to continue the match as is. Because which joystick is causing the problem is never obvious, both players are required to try to unpause the game and CANNOT TRY TO PERFORM AN IMMEDIATE ACTION. Both players will allow the game to unpase and then move hteir characters across the screen from each other and begin the game again from there at the Judge’s prompting. However, that rule can be overridden if BOTH PLAYERS AGREE THAT THEY WANT TO CONTINUE IMMEDIATELY FROM WHERE IT WAS PAUSED. However, even if one player does not agree to continue immdiately, then the action reset will occur even if the person who wants to reset the situation is caught in an infinite currently.

2b) Judges have the ultimate say. If both players do not agree to continue the match as it was when the pause occurs, they FORFEIT ALL RIGHTS TO THE CONCLUSION OF THE CURRENT MATCH. The Judge then has every right to choose whatever he/she wants. He/She can grant either player the win based on energy differences or start the match over again. Or the Judge can force a situation reset described in the above rule. THERE WILL BE NO DEBATE. THE JUDGE’S WORD IS FINAL. So even if he/she chooses your opponent to win the match because he/she thinks your shirt is ugly, there is no debate. JUDGE’S DECISION IS FINAL.

2c) Multiple offense can be cause for registering an immediate loss. If you just “happen” to blue screen two times while you are being infinited or taking a pounding from a nasty-ass Sentinel Combo, this will not be tolerated and you will be given a loss. This is to prevent someone from cheating and purposefully blue screening a match to get out of a situation he does not favor. Again, JUDGES HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE ANY DECISION HE/SHE SO DEISRES AT THIS POINT IN TIME.

  1. If three Blue Screens occur during one set and one of the players has a MAS stick, they must IMMEDAITELY forfeit their MAS stick and switch to a new controller taht the Staff provides or someone is kind enough to lend to you. The conclusion of the match that is interrupted, like in rules 2b, will be decided by the Judge and the Judge’s decision IS FINAL.


  1. If anyone on the Forums complains about MvC2 being on DreamCast from this point forward, 50 people better post after him and tell him to shut up. Any further complaining, whining, bitching, or crying about MvC2 on DC will not be tolerated. We go through a lot every year to try and make MvC2 players happy, and this year we are going the extra mile for you guys. If people start complaining about MvC2 on DC, we will CANCEL THE MVC2 TOURNAMENT IMMEDIATELY.

  2. If too many people complain about the Blue Screens during the tournament at Evo or after the tournament on the Forums, we don’t know what to say anymore. That will be the nail in the coffin, and you can bet there will be no more MvC2 tournaments at the future Evos. And by too many people, we can mean 50 people or 2 people. Depends on how we are feeling that day.

  3. If anyone complains about a forced-upon Staff provided stick or a stick borrowed from someone else (when the stick actually has no defective buttons and such), they will be immediately DQ’ed from the tournament and everyone you were supposed to face will get a free win from that point forward. If you are forced to use a stick other than the one you brought, you have to accept it. There will be no complaining. And you may try to swap to a different stick only once. If you hold up the tournament by continually trying to swap your sticks during, say, the Round Robin, you will be DQ’ed.


I’ll personally be doing experiments on my own, trying to replicate Blue Screens on DCs at home. I’ll do my best to see if anything will solve the problem, and be glad to take any advice from others WITH A REAL KNOWLEDGE ON THE SUBJECT MATTER. While speculation and theories are nice, they aren’t helpful. I want cold, hard, facts.

That being said, enjoy MvC2 on the DC! :slight_smile:

  • James


thank you thank you thank you

very fair set of rules too, thanks james

Good shit big games james. I’m down for all those rules. Thanks to Wiz, James, and the rest of the evo staff for hearing out the marvel players.

you made the right decision


Very fair james, thanks wizard and the rest of staff for making this decision. Now i don’t have to enter only one game, cause marvel is back on my “to enter” list :tup:

more or less, i think an organized set of rules like these are really all we really needed for DC tournaments.

This is a crucial one for a lot of us. Last year, if i were in a situation like this, if i were to take the win, i’d feel like a dick. But then again, if i offered the rematch and somehow lost, i might have felt dicked. Now, it shouldn’t be much of a problem since the flak would be on the judge and not me:clap:

really really great news. about the mas sticks though…they can blue box at any time can’t they? i don’t understand the “if it doesnt register within 10 seconds” rule. lets say it registers in 5 seconds, that’d still be too long and would foreshadow a bluebox to come?

i still think pre-tested standardized sticks/converters are the way to go for the sake of minimizing blue boxes and minimizing the time it’d take for people to plug in their joysticks, then test them, change buttons, etc.

thanks again for listening to the players though :tup:

The idea is to minimize problems, If your stick doesnt register right away but it does after 1 sec and its a MAS, you’re immediately going to be suspicious either way.

THANK YOU for doing the right thing, I think all these rules are fair and I really think DC Marvel will be a success. I would like to ask what is the mapping on the converters you have? Here’s looking forward to DC marvel. :encore:

great news… and a good set of rules, thanks!

Good deal Good deal. Lets hope some random newbies and idiots don’t start a bunch of “MVC2 ON THE DC WTF” threads so MVC2 doesn’t get dropped from EVO…


Ok… Blue screen.

My experiences…

This only occurs when two incompatible PCBS are used and one is unplugged.

I beleive there might be a problem when it comes to the “MAS” sticks using the DC port, because it is using a different PCB and the converter might then burn the port out if consistant change is done.

I beleive that you should have it be required that only converted sticks ( ps to dc ) or Agetec Sticks, This will make it so that you will not have quite as many problems with “Blur Screen Of Death”

To get rid of it simply restart the DC with both controllers in the ports already.

If using the original converter (grey that lights up), then there will be NO PROBLEMS

I personally will be providing 3 sticks for use for this tournement.

Just my two cents.

E.c.c. East coast evo revolution!

I’m not a Marvel player, but I was worried about the situation. I’m glad to see that EVO staff is willing to use the most accurate version of a game even if it means having to deal with extra issues.

Thanks guys.