The Official RUMBLE FISH Strategy Thread!

I know this is probably going to get no posts even though the home port is coming out soon in Japan but eh whatever.

Some basic info. about Rumble Fish:

There are two super gauges in the game: offense and defense. They build in self-explanatory ways. You can’t whiff moves to gain meter.

What you can do with the Offensive gauge:

[]Advance Attack (HP+HK)- Can be cancelled into, is basically a combo extender as it moves you forward while you can attack. Pretty good use of the gauge for dealing damage. Takes 50% of the offense gauge.
]Jolt Attack (LP+LK). Fast unblockable. If it hits screen turns red and the enemy is stunned for a while allowing you do a nice combo. Takes 100% of the offense gauge though, but it’s worth it.
[*]Offensive Arts- your basic super

What you can do with Defensive Gauge:

[]Impact Break (Hit dodge when you guard)- Takes 50% of defense gauge, works basically like a parry.
]Special Tech (When in the air hit dodge)- Takes 50% and lets you tech at any time, allowing you to break out of air juggles.
[*]Defensive Arts- These are supers of a more defensive nature. Many of them can be performed as guard cancels or combo breakers. Usually they don’t do much damage though, unless they can be followed up like Zen’s aura thingy on CH.[/list]

Other universal features:

[list][]Dodge- The dodge button makes the character crouching dash forward or hop up if you do down+D. This can be used to evade high or low attacks. Can be followed up with an attack that’s character specific, usually a launcher. I haven’t had much sucess with high dodge but it’s got decent reward. Low dodge can be used as a universal overhead.
]OTGs- You can get one OTG hit after knocking an opponent down.
[]Airblocking- works like every other game it’s in. Can block everything but ground-to-air attacks like shoryukens.
]Air Teching (press buttons in the air+direction)- You can tech in three ways just like GGXX. Similar to GGXX in ways, except that you can reset yourself by teching out and you can’t just FD to block ground attacks.
[]Chain combos- Self-explanatory
]Super Cancels- Works like 3s, except tighter timing and only select moves for each character can be super cancelled
[*]Critical Arts- When both gauges are full, then you can do this. They take like 50% O_o[/list]

In Rumble Fish, it seems like a lot of the HP/HK moves tend to lagt, probably giving you a frame disadvantage even on hit. Fortunately they’re cancelable, but if you don’t have a good move to cancel into…

Tiers would probably go like (this is probably way off since I’m still kinda a nub at this game):

Boyd (?)
Greed (?)



Code for Greed:
He has to be enabled with the atomiswave password SINKORSWIM if this code doesn’t work.

Highlight Orville, then press Rightx2
Highlight Typhon then press Left
Highlight Boyd then press Leftx3
Highlight Zen and press Rightx2
Press Up

And now for some Zen stuff.

Zen is basically the all-around balanced character of this game aka scrub magnet like Sol Badguy. Many of his kicks have pretty good range.

Notable normals:

c.HP- An uppercut type attack, it may or may not launch on CH I’m not sure.
c.HK- Long range poke, and comes out fast, but punishable if not at like max range.

j.HK- This thing is like one of the best crossups in the game. On top of that, it’s got some pretty great range for using when jumping back.

f+HP- overhead, slow but pretty useful nonetheless and cancelable.


Tornado punch thing- qcf+P- Fireball that has a short range, but has some invincibility, and can be used for OTGs okay. Becomes a full-screen fireball if charged up.

Tornado shoryuken thing- dp+P- Can be super canceled, makes good anti-air like all shoryukens. LP version comes out much faster, HP comes out slower but has many more hits, and a followup. Dunno what happens if you have a charge with this, but it eats one.

Elbow- qcb+P- Also super cancellable. Elbows forward. LP version can combo. A great move for combos, but punishable outside of them. Hits as an overhead too I think but not sure.

Air Stampede wannable- qcb+K- Good for OTGs, could be used to surprise opponent I guess, but I haven’t had much luck with it.

Charge-up thing- d,d+K- Powers up Zen’s special moves. LK version gives one charge only should be used after a knockdown. HK version gives two charges but should NEVER EVER be used unless the person you’re playing is stupid.

Wall rape super- f,hcf+P- Zen elbows forward really fast. Can be used to punish some things, but still better to use in combos where it’s guaranteed. Doesn’t have like any invincibility at all.

Aura super- qcbx2+P- Zen makes a shockwave emanate from him. Does next to no damage, but can be used as a guard cancel, and should only be done as so, since it floats an enemy if it hits them on counter-hit. As such, try and do it early on in a string.

Critical Art- qcf,hcb+P- Zen does a punch with like no range, and if it hits he does a short, damaging whirlwind, but if it misses then he makes a longer one that does okay chip damage (except that it takes all your meter…). If the long whirlwind hits them/they block it you get pretty big frame advantage.

Please correct any scrubby/incorrect info I have lol.

dashing x chain all day! Haven’t played RF in months but I’m looking foward to the RF2 console rls

Ok fuck, my bad. There isn’t a rf2 rls lol. Atleast RF is out right now though. I’ll see whats new and changed for the console

yea i got this game and boyd man he dope for a fat dude. thx for the basic info

Sheryl is fucken toptier. zen can go,, c.hp x lp dp xx rush super 160ish dmg. If you use the CA, you get the first hit of the launcher and the whirlwind, ie: waste of meter. But if you remove the dp, iirc you get full dmg.

I’ll play a lil more later and see what is and isn’t good

Aint aran more of your newbie friendly character rather than zen?

Cant wait to get mine and put it through it’s paces never got a chance to play part one only two :\

I don’t think Aran is that great, having a fb helps but it doesn’t help THAT much lol. Still want to play rf2 though =\

But yeah, Aran is pretty basic.

i need viren combos

Does anyone know who the second console-exclusive character is besides Sheryl? For some reason, Dimps hasn’t updated their official site yet. Thanks.

Garnet 4 lyfe~

It’t not usually vital to super cancel her combos…it won’t top on too much afterwards, but knocking down and getting the ground hit is usually the way to go…her normals have a decent ammount of range to play with. :slight_smile:

Don’t get used to Jolt Attack if you have access to TRF2 though. lol

Well, I finally got to play some Rumble Fish last night, and it is a really good game. Maybe I am just saying this because there has not been a new fighting game out for a while (that is not a rehash). He is what I have to say about some of the characters.

Zen- At first, I though he was a basic character, kinda like a shoto. I was very wrong about that.
-His charge up move (d, d+K) can charge up for one move (LK) or two (SK)

  • During charge up, his projectile (QCF+P) now goes full screen and does 4 hits. You can chase after it, then do a jolt attack to keep pressure.
    -His stomp (QCB+K) now will do 2 hits and a un-recoverable pop up.

Aran- My favorite character as of right now. He can keep alot of pressure, and, he kinda reminds me of Kyo from KoF with all his punch combos.
-His “dodge counter” (QCB+K) makes him do a taunt. If the enemy hits him, he dodges the attack, then you can do an instant counter attack (not confirmed, will get back to you on this one).
-His punch combos can end in a overhead, low hit, or a knock-away attack.
-I have not happen to use his D.Art, I think it is done during standing guard, but no luck with it so far.
-He is the first one I found some Advance Attack combos with.
-Basic Combos
–(s.LP, s.SP, s.SK (2 hits) Advance Attack)x2, QCB+LP x3 I think you might be able to gain enough gauge to do the A.Attack chain 3 times, not sure as of right now.
–s.LP, s.SP, s.SK (2 hits) QCB+P x3, QCF, HCB+LP This one requires Critcal and to do this combo in the corner, only do 2 QCB+P instead of 3

Garnet- She seems top to me. When my friend was playing her, he would beat me in every air-to-air situation, and when we were low on time, he would do c.LK over and over, and there was no way for me to hit him.
-Her slide (QCF+K) goes REALLY far across the screen, and hits low
-Has a move like Johnny’s (for GG) Mist Finer. Not sure on the motion

Typoon- Think of Choi from KoF with a projectile. Enough said.

Hikari- She also seems very top, and can put a stop to any pressure in a matter of seconds with her counters.
-Counters can be input into eachother (like low to high counter) I also think she can keep doing the same one over and over again.
-Her Critcal attack (HCFx2+P) does WAY to much damage, and is confirmed off of a single jab. Now that is a big problem. Also has an extention to it (Hold D, U+P)

  • Her high counter (QCB+P) pops up into the air, which she can follow with j.LP, j.SP, j.SK, j.QCBx2+P. Really good damage.
  • Her D.Art is an all counter (?) and also pops up, you can follow with the same string as show above.

Kaya-Did not see much of her in play. She does seem as crazy as her sister, Hikari.

Viren- Also did not see much of him. But does have some interesting things.
-Has some sort of run in that can go into a overhead, or a low. The low hit pops up, but they can recover from it.
-O.Art looks really crappy, he does a dash in punch. Did not see it connect once.

Boyd- The man of the sun. He redefines “The sun is in your hands.”

  • Sunny Finger (QCF+P) builds up one sun mark. SP has autoguard before the move comes out.
  • Also has a DP, a stomp, and a scum gale throw.
  • His O. Art is a super DP, and it does more damage with the more Sun Marks you have. After the super his, all the Mark are used. Max amount is 9.
  • His D.Art does an anti-air Sunny Finger. Each hits gives a Sun Mark (up to 2)
  • His critcal is a renbu type. Does good damage.

Orville- The grappler of the game. Has some decent stuff.

  • His (HCB, F+P) throw does good damage, especially on counter hit.
  • His other throw, he dives at you, then tosses you to the ground. Can be crouched, and high countered, kinda making the move useless againist the sisters.
  • His upward hammer moves hits on both sides.
  • His tackle has auto-guard, and can go into the hammer moves.
  • His O.Art gives him super armor, but if he is throw or even tech thrown, it cancels the mode.
  • His crtical is a super throw, but does really shitty damage compare to alot of the other crticals.

Well, that is all I got so far out of one night of play. I am going to paratice in it later today. I will tell you all what else I find. Also, the othere character is Hazama, here is the link

Pah, might as well keep this going, even if I have to post after my little brother. For the most part, look at Chang’s guide on gamefaqs. Really goes over most of what the game has. I would hardly say Kaya is as “crazy” as Hikari though. Kaya struck me as awfully plain. But she did have things of note:

-Her DP hits on both sides, pops up on counter, and the SP version has a step before hand in which she is high (only high) invincible.

-Her HCF+K is a run in hit, in which she goes behind you and give you three little smacks, they are left standing, but I don’t think you can follow up.

-Kaya’s air LK is silly, she has the same animation as Hikari’s, but she takes a sad amount of time to throw the kick out.

Oh oh! I think Boyd is downright awesome. Well… If you look at him realistically, he is probably shit tier. But you know what?!

-9 Sunly marks and his normal OA lead to 90% dmg. His command grab will allow a guaranteed LP Sunny finger, and any of his supers (note: only one hit of the DA will hit except in corner situations and on Orville).

-A counter hit LP dp will give him any of his supers (and both hits on the DA). *Makes sure you let them all far enough for both hits)

-He can super cancel both versions of the dp, but it is tough timing on the LP one into his OA (I feel it is better to gun for counter hit and free super).

-Boyd has a super slow goddamn run.

Orville lacks a run and chains, and I fear without an anti air throw he’s hurt in this game. And Viren’s OA can be reset into, comboed into etc. On Garnet, her Yama like move can be held and in turn, cancelled. Now we need strats, strats and tiers.

Here’s a question for you guys. On Sheryl’s movelist, there are two moves near the top where they have some Japanese writing and then just a single button, I’m pretty sure one is LP and the other is either LK or HP. What the hell does it mean and what the hell does it do? Also, is there another use for the qcb+p moves besides setup and then dp+p? Thanks.

  • For the LP, LK thing, it changes the direction of her QCF P move (only SP version). LP makes it go up at a 45% angle, making it antiair, LK makes it go down at a 45% angle, making it hit low.

-I can’t find anything behind the qcb+p other than the dp throw. I was hoping hitting LP would give 1,2,3,4 and HP 4,3,2,1. But they didn’t do it lol. Probably for crazy setups but I wouldn’t know where to begin with Sheryl, my apologies.

edit: Having played with her some, I may just pick her up haha, she remind me of Mihara (spelling?) in the JoJo fighters.

Alright, thanks. I saw the chord going at different angles at different times, but I had no idea how to do it (whenever I tried to recreate it I was using the LP version). Oh, and I wish the Defensive Supers did more than like 2 pixels damage.

I really don’t think Hikari is top danger. She’s kinda like Makoto in 3s. That is, random. You have to guess right, and if you don’t land the counters correctly you’re going to have a lot of trouble when they whiff. But, if you do, well you get free aircombos or supers…

EDIT: Can someone write up a basic description of Sheryl’s moves for us without the console version? :karate:

Random stuffs:

game carol (place which hosts vids of Kuroda’s endlessly entertaining Q) has streaming match vids of TRF.

The way they play it, the game looks like a contorted version of KOF. Seriously. With the exception of Garnet, who has very cool fakes into throws, most everyone’s game features a tremendous volume of dash in, d.LK. Air chains are a nice change.

Advance Attack is tops for everyone in this game… it comes out so fast it can be used to punish blocked pokes you otherwise couldn’t, or for extending combos/blocked strings… only costs 1 Offense meter, which is pretty easy to build in this game…

Viren notes:
Do not, ever, use his Offensive Art unless you are sure beyond sure that it will hit, and even then, I’d be cautious about using it. It is slow as hell and doesn’t have much invulnerability (if it all…), and costs you both of your Offense meters and does just ok damage. His MAX super answers these deficiencies, but I’d be concerned with using it… I’d certainly use it to end a round or if I were in a HUGE deficit, but effectively costing Viren’s combo breaker and Advance Attack (among other things) makes it EXPENSIVE. On that note, Viren’s combo breaker Defensive Art is a must; the amount of damage this thing will save you from is incredible.

Off of his special run, he can overhead, low, stop, or do a side-switching hit. The overhead is honestly the one you will use the most, since you can combo it off a chain ending in d.HK, and is relatively safe when blocked. The side-switching hit is not safe AT ALL when blocked, beware. Just stopping can be nice for throws, once you’ve got some pressure going with the chain into the run->overhead. I think that because of the rush oriented nature of TRF, of all Viren’s specials I see his run being the one you will probably use the most.

I’d like to play some ppl, but I suck at this game. TIme to get a PS2 copy and, like, practice lol.

Hikari does have a…powerful Critical super, but the rest of her moves dont throw her over the top as far as broken goes.

Her counters are good standalone, but you can also cancel chains into them. Probably risky against someone who knows what theyre doing, but instinct is to hit her in the face if she does a low counter…which is why you can cancel that bitch into a high.

Her supers are freaking awesome. All of them. But I wouldnt call her random. Gonna play some more.

Boyd’s Sunny Finger can autoguard supers… it totally beats out Viren’s Offensive Art.

Man Rumble Fish is a really fast paced game. Not many people seem to be posting on this game, so just felt like I should add. Man, Orville sure got the shit end of the stick with his OA. Everytime I enable it I get thrown out of it, and teching throws is hard in this game(just so used to 3rd Strikes system). Well shouldn’t really sleep on the man, since his critical does 50% life, well only in the beginning of the round. I know you felt it Goukisan. Hehe.