The OFFICIAL Salisbury/Eastern Shore MD thread

Sup people of eastern shore. I know we live in the middle of freaking no where, but that doesn’t mean we cant enjoy some fighting game awesomeness with friends. This means players in the general eastern shore area, especially people that go to Salisbury U., UMES, or Wor wic.

Obvious game to look out for is SSF4, but definitely going to be playing some MVC3 when it comes out, and if you got any other games you guys wanna play bring em out. MvC2 is a good choice too. Just trying to actually develop a community over here, and i figured this was worth a shot.

If a couple people post here, we should definitely try to get something together.

Hey man, there are a bunch of us around here in Salisbury that get together every week (multiple times a week normally) and play. We are huge into SSFIV, MK9, MvC3, 3S, and a lot of other stuff. Where do you normally play at?

I live in Ocean City and I CRAAAAAAAAAVE some offline play. I need info now!