The Official Season 2017-18 NBA Thread: Raptors OUT in 4



Love that. Like, why not chill Steve? You obvs know you’re gonna win. Good experience for the guys too, guess they understand that coaching ain’t easy.



So Lavarr said that Lonzo won’t be resigning with the Lakers if they don’t sign Liangelo and Lamelo.

Just look at all the L’s this team will be taking.


Lavar just trolling. Lonzo will be with the Lakers for a long time even if he doesn’t like it. Melo should’ve just played in the NCAA maybe he’d have a better chance if he lit it up there. Liangelo fucked it all up with his stealing shenanigans


LiAngelo wasn’t doing shit. I’m actually suspecting this whole thing was planned by Lavar so he can pull LiAngelo out of NCAA. He was getting low minutes and his stats were shit anyway. Way to mask a failure, just kick the gameboard and pretend it didn’t happen


IT is quickly becoming the DSP of NBA players.



Rockets best record again


Greek Freak in the sheets lmao


The Warriors are overrated AF and the Cavs I never doubted them for a second!


Giannis winning


So Isaiah Thomas’s impressive stat line: 7 points, 5 turnovers, 1 block, 1 steal, 0-5 from the 3pt line, and 3-15 ts (20%), while playing 24 minutes.

One word: China


Could this be the year the Raptors have a strong playoff run? JV is hitting threes, the bench (bench mob) is giving the starters much needed rest, and the overall chemistry on the team is great. Casey has 300+ Raptor wins and is going to be a part of the All-Star Game. As a fan, I have to appreciate the success in this Raptors era. It’s time for it to carry over to spring basketball.

(I would be extremely hyped for a Rockets/Raptors Finals.)


People go on about Jordan being 6-0 in the finals. He was 6-7 getting there in 13 post-seasons.

LeBron is 8-4.

I’m not a huge fan of comparisons between eras but I do feel like some old cats don’t give LeBron enough credit.


Sports Hierarchy dictates getting to the Finals means jack shit unless you win. It’s why no one really gives a shit that the Bills went to four straight Super Bowls.

6 wins will always be > 3 despite 8 straight appearances in those eyes.


The teams LeBron was on had no business going to the finals. LeBron carried them minus a couple of years there like in Miami.

Jordan had some pretty good teams.

It’s a dumb argument but I was thinking earlier if I did a starting five of all time under current rules I’d definitely have LeBron.

PG - Steph Curry
SG - Michael Jordan
PF - Larry Bird
SF - LeBron James
C - Hakeem Olajuwon

You could build another 5 with guys like Kobe, Duncan and others but I’d take that team against anyone.


I really dislike the narrative that losses in the Finals are a huge negative. If LeBron makes it to the Finals every year until he retires but loses each time, that’s still impressive in its own right. Or what if his Finals record hypothetically becomes 7-8? 7 rings but sub-.500! Boo LeBron! :expressionless:


With exception to the first Cavs team that went to the Finals every other team he went to the Finals with was projected to be in the Finals. WTF?! If you mean that his presence made them a Finals team, that could be said about any team with a superstar except the Warriors. What would the Rockets have been with Hakeem.

As for the logic of his win-loss record trumping his streak, I agree that is silly. Silly in the same way people still diss Brady for losing in the SB 3 times. Or that Dan Marino and Charles Barkeley suddenly aren’t great HOF players because they didn’t win a championship. However, not gonna weep for Lebron when he’s made sure to have one of the most stacked rosters to play on every single one of those Finals run. Unfortunately for him, the Kevin Durant wanted an even easier path


Theyre only projected to go to the finals because he’s on those teams. He has been on like, 6 of the 10 worst nba finals teams ever