The Official Season 2017-18 NBA Thread: Warriors are All Star West, GG Season


LOL what happened to the truck?


Yes LeBron and Thomas don’t really vibe with each other. That is why LeBron kicked him off the team the first time.


This trade though…


DeRozan is pissed. This why I consider fans that talk about player loyalty and hometown discounts idiots. Fans hold players to a higher standard than the team. They expect them to do things they wouldn’t do.


Holy shit. I was just dreaming this happening and thought I was tripping when I woke up. They really traded him to Toronto? :joy: This season will be interesting indeed.


I have more doubts about Kawhi and his mind set so that is probably why the Spurs got so little for him and Green no offense meant to DeMar


There is no loyalty in the NBA. DeRo gave his all to be the Franchise in Toronto and they repaid him by shipping his ass off for nothing more than a rental of Kawhi, the biggest snake in the league. They don’t even get better as a team for this, Toronto just wants nothing more than buzz.

Fuck it, I hope everyone goes to GSW after this shit. The NBA deserves it.


Damnnnn, Kawhi to the Raptors?! Also, didn’t the front tell DeRozan that they weren’t trading him last week in Vegas? Bruh got the Boogie and IT treatment. Damn…

Raptors just became the Sacramento Kings of the East.


It’s especially stupid when the GM thinks “Oh, we’ll be able to convince Kawhi to stay with us.”

Fucker, you just told your Franchise Player we aren’t trading you, and then traded him the next week. Even if Kawhi WASN’T a snake you just gave him no reason to trust you.


Kawhi’s probably gonna bounce to LA after his contract ends anyway. DeRozan’s was getting pricey and the pressure is on Toronto’s front office to make a big change to their team that has choked every single time in the playoffs.

The ball is on Kawhi’s hands now. He has to prove to the league that he’s worth a max or super max contract next season.


I knew more moves had to be made, but DeRozan was the one man I didn’t want to see go. He represented Toronto with pride. He clearly wanted to be a Raptor for the rest of his career. Now he is being shipped away in his prime. Yeah, when healthy Leonard is a superior player, but DeRozan gave so much to the city over the years and I believe he wanted to improve and contribute even more.

Even in the highly highly unlikely event the Raptors were to win the championship next year, I would feel grimey celebrating knowing that DeRozan isn’t a part of the team. While I understand why some fans approve of the trade, I am not fond of it at all.


Kahwi wanted to go LA. White walkers Spurs says fk you, we’re shipping you to the other side and outside of the US.


Where he gets to play in a No-Lebron East for a year to show off he’s deserving of the max, before he gets to walk over to LA for free.


I feel bad for Derozan. It’s a huge gamble for Toronto. Even though they got swept in the 2nd round by LeBron, I still think they could’ve improved and advanced further next year (especially with LBJ gone).


Kawhi’s being sent to the NBA team that plays in a city with the highest state income tax in the league. Good shit to Kawhi’s uncle. :rofl: The Kawhi camp went from paying no state income tax to the highest in the league.


Melo traded to the Hawks. The Hawks will eventually waive him. He can now choose and rob a team of his choice for a super max contract as an ISO player who doesn’t make his teammates better.


If Melo is smart he will know not to take a max deal and just go somewhere he can help get them into the playoffs or compete.

That being said I don’t want him in Houston.


No one is giving Melo a max deal at this point.


Evidently, Melo and rockets dont care about your wants lol


I guess Love is staying…