The Official Season 2017-18 NBA Thread: Warriors are All Star West, GG Season


Some one told Derrick Rose it was 2011 :open_mouth:


It seems they forgot a key component of last season was having a strong defense with two decent forwards along with Capella and Tucker to lock certain teams down.

At this point they have no one doing the dirty work at the forward position and the offensive output is getting out played.


Team building…


I’m not really surprised by this. Ayton is already proving to be a much better asset then Chandler has ever been for the team. Add the fact that he’s injury prone and there’s really no reason to keep him anymore.



First post of the regular season, and I’m pleasantly surprised that the Pistons got off to that good start before the back to backs with Boston. Still, I’m impressed with Blake in Casey’s offense. Now if they would just find a way to trade Jackson for somebody like Beal or McCollum…


Is the NBA ready for Zion and RJ?

The Cavs already in tank mode for Zion.


Well Jimmy Butler heading to Philly…


Maybe Melo wants to one up Dwight Howard on the amount of teams he ruined :thinking:


The Melo saga is quite something. But overall the team overachieved and teams adjusted to the heavy ISO play.


The fact is the Rockets excel at Harden or Paul attacking or everyone else getting three point shots or easy layups at the rim. Melo at his peak needed the ball in his hands and time to score. He didn’t make sense for the team besides either Morey or maybe CP3 wanting to bring him in for their own personal bias.

I still thinking of he can adapt a little he can be of help to the team but if he can’t change at all…


Next stop Shanghai:

Jimmer scored 75 points in a game yesterday but his team still lost.

24 of 34 on field goals is actuall pretty good lol


Damn Yao isn’t stocking his team right, you would think he could give Jimmer some help.

Also I don’t know for certain but I doubt Melo and Yao are close enough that he would give him a shot. I mean they already have a damn near 45 or 50 Luis Scola on the Sharks last I checked.


RIP Hoodie Melo with the Rockets.


Didn’t like the move to begin with but I feel for Melo somewhat.

The Rockets issues aren’t all his fault but due to his status he will be blamed like they were. Folk should pay attention and choose their landing spots more carefully in the future, this sort of mismatch in team scheme and player happen a lot and it could be anyone that falls into such a situation.


Melo needs to sign with a shitty team so he can get the ball more to take his shots. He isn’t a great passer nor does he move a lot when off the ball like the Warriors or Lakers. He doesn’t even play defense. James Harden plays more defense than Melo. Teams know that once the ball is in his hands, he will eventually shoot it. The ball movement stops once the ball is passed to Melo. He’ll be happy once he’s done his “fair share” of filling up the stat sheet with points regardless of field goal percentage or if the team wins or loses the game. He hasn’t evolved his game since college. That’s why he’s trash in today’s NBA.


A lot of NBA players can learn from the man, Vince Carter, who was drafted in 1998 btw, and outlasted more players than 3 pointers Melo can make in a season.


Legit started watching basketball just this season, and learning there’s a 41 year who is known for dunking blew my mind xD…


Golden State should be banned lol… Too OP


60 fucking point game by Kemba Walker…for Charlotte to still lose.