The Official Season 2017-18 NBA Thread: Warriors are All Star West, GG Season


Bound to happen…


Surprised it didn’t happen over the off season once LeBron left.


That’s because JR Smith didn’t know LeBron left.


Yes LayBron…


Bulls front office probably figured Hoiberg didn’t tank hard enough to make it through an entire season. Gar and Pax should be next on the chopping block. Paxson should fire himself out of the league.


Aren’t the bulls up a few games from where they were last year? Fred was too good for a tanking team.



Melo shit the bed with the Nuggets, Knicks, and Rockets. Now he’s gonna fuck up the growth of the Lakers’ young players.


What’d you expect? Lebron is the GM and the Coach and he’s gonna bring in his boys whether upper Lakers management likes it or not. This is just his vacation home, get used to it.


Shit who would they even trade for Melo. Outside of LeGM maybe wanting him on idk what the reasoning would be.


LeBron needs a scapegoat…


He already has like 14 of those already on the team xD…


True but Melo himself probably is pushing for it, LeBron may be in the awkward position of being a friend that can’t say no to a buddy without it looking bad. Melo is probably retiring after this season or going to play some international basketball.


LeBron is gonna get the praise for bringing the no hope Lakers right behind the Warriors at the moment. He’ll probably know how to play Melo. Hopefully. I mean if Melo fvcks it up, he might as well retire.