The Official selling your Wii or PS3 (new or used) thread

First off, wizard gave the ok.

Post here if you want to sell your PS3 or Wii.

[]Specify new or used
]Specify what you are selling (bundles, or just consoles)
[]Specify where you got it (for defect or return purposes) and whether or not you have a receipt
]Specify ammount you want or if you want to trade or take offers
[]Specify shipping costs
]Specify type of payment you accept

Also, if you want a PS3 or Wii, you may also request the system or games you want and see if anyone has them used or new for you to buy.

You may start…

We really don’t need an official thread for this…

I wonder if anybody is selling any used PS3 games? I want to try out Gundam but it is rather overpriced at this point :wink:

I heard it sucked, just though I’d share :).

I have 10 unopened copies of Resistance: Fall of Man. I was given them a christmas present. I dont even own an PS3.:lame::lame:

If anyone wants cheap untampered copy hit me up. I can provide pics as well.

I got an extra PS3 60gb from best buy. Its still new sealed, Im asking for $750 including shipping priority mail or local pickup at FFA.

Also, anyone got an extra trauma center for wii for x-mas? game looks tight

This thread bugs me.

Mikei: can I be your friend?


Lol, of course you can be my friend. You’ll be my best friend if you have a PS3 and want to play it on my HDTV. :smiley:

are they still in plastic security cases that stores put them in? thief…


If I had known yesterday that you had ten copies of Resistance, I would of not bought it at Circuit City and saved me some money :wink:

Nah its just the plastic wrap, not secuity devices. Lol actually I’,m just as suprised as you guys. This is how it went down on x-mas eve.

ME: Sup, cuz? merry x-mas!!
COUSIN: Hey Mikei, you like video games right?
ME: Ya, video games are cool.
COUSIN: Cool, then here’s your x-mas present -hands over bag full of video games-
ME: cool, I’ll open them on X-mas! thanks alot man.

-gets home a opens them-

ME: WTF?!?! I dont even own a PS3!!

LOL, are you serious! Give me your friend! I don’t want you anymore!

Seriously though, just ebay them, they go for a bit less than 50 on ebay. You really won’t find enough buyers here. Ebay is surprisingly easy minus the horrible seller fees.

If you still have those by mid-January, I’m interested.

I want a Wii Nunchuk, anyone have one they are selling?

Edit: got one, thanks

I am just weirded out by ten copies.
I can’t imagine how that happened. Did your cousin steal them or something, trying to pass off hot merch onto you.

how much for 1 copy of resistance shipped?

i cant find nunchuks or remotes anywhere :frowning: anyone have extras or have seen any in stores in southern cali?

Yes, I’d like to know, and would you ship to Vancouver, Canada?

Umm yea, I’ll ship anywhere.

Well here since MSRP is 59.99, I’ll 45$ Obo?? That seems fair right?

I, too, am interested in either a retail price PS3 or an extra Wii remote (possibly with the chuck too).