The Official selling your Wii or PS3 (new or used) thread

pm sent

well I’ve gotten alot of intrest in the resistance copies, so if anyone wants one, PM me for my paypal address. I only have 10 copies. So first come, first serve.

Its gonna be $45+shipping, I’ll ship to anywhere. Thanks alot for the interest.

danny sell me your wii remote and chuck!! =)
i need that shit badly! finesse coming over
we gonna play madden.

This thread is a little late I think.

If PS3’s are actually selling on here for more than retail I’ll go down to my local EB tommorow and buy one. They’ve been readily available all week.

Wii’s though you still can’t find those fuckin things.

Yup. wii’s the best. you’ll never regret it.
look at your local target stores, they get shipments every friday.
You just have to get up really early before a little kid with his mom
buy’s that shit… cause you came 10 secs too late.

However Ps3’s at my local gamestop/ebgames have 10 60gb ones.
$599 is so much better than paying a ridiculous price over that.

I have 1 extra wii remote and 1 extra nunchuk, $75 for both, or $55 for remote and $35 for nunchuk.

first come first serve, meet at ffa or add $5 to ship.

eeh, ripoff, I tihnk Ebay’s cheaper than that.

Parryall: No, PS3s are sitting on shelves everywhere.

edit: show me 1 auction thats lower than $80 with shipping and I will lower my price.

Hmm, my bad, you win, I forgot to count tax when I counted in my head.

Anyone have Wii component cables, nintendo or madcatz?

Hello everyone. I have 3 Playstation 3’s in stock for sale. 2 of the PS3’s are just the system alone for $675, and the other comes with an additional controller for $725. If anyone is interested or has questions please contact me via my website,

I got my wii plus zelda for 230 from an srker. Thanks!

nice deal

Update for the last few who are interested. I’m only down to my last 2 copies of Resistance. If any one wants to still acquire a copy please tell me now before these things go on Ebay.

New/Sealed 60 GB PS3
Just Console
Hastings. No Receipt.
Offer. If traded Wii or 360 plus money.
Paypal or Cash

isnt that the same thing you posted 4-5 posts up this morning?

I have a 20 GB PS3 NIB, looking for 460 Or best offer.

Anyone have 3 wii remotes? In the bay area

nintendo wii, details in link.

I’ve got 10 brand new in the box Nintendo Wii Legend of Zelda Sling Bags. $25 each shipped. OBO.