The Official "Shizz" Thread


In rememberance and dedication to the Shizz Final Round XIII and Eric V. Good Shizz.

“You must defeat Shizz Long to stand a chance”.

“Get Hype. Get Shizz.”.

"S Rank = Shizz Rank ".

“The Shizzard of Oz”

“Shizz 'Nuff - Bruce Leroy”






Shut the fuck up…


5 dollar foot long


“Sanford Kelly” was good shit.


About the only thing worse than blatant overuse of this “shizz” bullshit is that dude constantly laughing at his own dumbass shizzing.

Wait, that’s not true. Him talking over matches to threaten discipline in the fucking stream chat was worse.


You’d think people would be tired of hearing this unfunny shit after it was driven into the ground so hard the last 2 days.


What the fuck is this shit. Never Val, the shit won’t die. Unfortunately.


i’d like to take this time to say thank you to ski sonic for the god like commentary he did. nothing has made me appreciate his commentating more than after hearing that annoying ass shit.


Ski Sonic or Ski Sonic.


I like this thread now. So much better.


You party pooper.

Mighty clever of you editing OTHER people’s posts.


Yeah I don’t know how that guy can say shiz after 24 hours of spamming it. I might have missed my friend on the stream cus I had to turn it off.

loads stream
fuck he’s still at it.


Opening soon.


I’m letting you know right now that having 2 accounts is a bannable offense.



this has been going on way too long. stop saying it every 2 minutes.


That ain’t me.

Mr Shizzard was another name that came up on the stream tonight.


I cant believe people think saying “shizz” in every sentence is funny…


This is like WoW’s “anal” meme. It’s not even remotely funny the first time, you guys are fucking retarded.


not funny.