The OFFICIAL Son Them All Av Thread

Either make requests or snag one. All contributions are welcome.

yo can i get a av that has him on it with the text “you got sonned” on it lol


this niggas career is over…

Can I get one with a Vin Diesel reference to it??

I want one…doesnt matter the reference too much…as long as son is in it

I completely agree 100%.

We should make flipkev give a speech as well for making STA his bitch.

LOL fucking priceless! I am choking on my damn Pollo Tropical meal! Sonned by Them All will be the death of me! :rofl:

like this?:rofl::rofl:

it’s too bad premium only allows a slightly higher file size limit… i went through the trouble of making this for nothing… damn file size nazis:mad:

OMG :rofl: :rofl: You all are some assholes to the Nth degree for doing this shit.

Sonning that man, getting the girl to post, makin avs about Son gettin Sonned…

Pure fucking destruction. And on top of all that you know Son is watching this shit happen. Sitting behind his computer screen fucking sad and pissed.

Beautiful SRK. This is the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. Pure fucking destruction. I love it.

I made this one for FlipKev as soon as he donned STA FlipKev Jr.

I don’t want that bitchassness in my avatar but I got an idea…

Someone make me an av that can fit with Sol sonning Son.

Oh shit.:pray:

Too damn good!


Is there anyway i can get STA getting the stairs from Angeline or like Mai or something. I know we reserve the stairs for other things but still, tell me STA dosent deserve the stairs!

Surprise me. I’m not too picky…

I’ll do what I can when I get home. using MSPaint here sucks.

I like the AV, but I’mmmmmmm gonna keep this one after all, cause I really don’t want a self-endorsing AV.


np there. Just an offering <averts eyes />

Did mean any disrespect mate, sorry if I had a wrong tone:angel:

lemme get in on this, maybe an “I met flipkev” theme, w/e