The OFFICIAL Son Them All Av Thread

None of this lovey dovey kiss kiss Chris Brown shit here.

ill wear a MSpaint av

doo doo-doo

here’s my first attempt trying to get alfaphlex’s original file under the prem file size limit:

i had some trouble opening it in imageready (got some random error), so the timing might be off by a little bit.

Streak you’re the fucking man!

Quit bitching and get to painting

Can i get close up of STA’s face and it saying “ASS”(red font) conan o brien style?

Both a legendary master of the flame AND he’s humble.

I will have your kids Kev. Just say the word.

OMG this thread is funny,
Im taking the next Av made.


and…:shake: for STA. It reminds me of the time some girl fell down the stairs and crew of guys laughed at her. She cried and ran away into the washroom. Those mans were just waiting for her to come out to laugh some more and take a unexpected picture. I mean, damn this is so extra. But, oh well, everyone enjoyed it. Minus STA.


Aight, i’ll be quiet then. I mean, you just dont care do you?

I went through all that trouble and now you won’t even wear it? you big liar! You’re no better than Son Them All!


Of course im not better than STA, but im not a faggot. GODDAMIT. :rofl:

Hopefully I censored enough so it doesn’t warrant a ban or an infraction. If you are going to use this, please ask the mods…if any mod see this please inform me if it’s against the rules and I’ll adjust accordingly.



just a I was about to post this:

but I need to resize it. wrong dimensions…

Nigga your AV looks gay :rofl:

This pic of STA is fucked up :rofl: Got the dude standing in back looking like he’s trying squeeze in the picture w/some girls.

:rofl: It’d be awesome if Quiche made him wear it for 2 weeks… dood.

Mai + STA + Stairs = Av please!