The OFFICIAL Son Them All Av Thread

aw man, this is just mean… genius! lol

I incorporated one in my current av, haha.

You got the quote wrong…

Quiche fixed it… he got the imageready error too. Weird.


? No he didn’t.




I think Chairhome though it was a Highlander reference “There can be only one!”

I thought it was.

Ditto until the links were posted.

I would’ve compressed it more myself, but CS3 doesn’t include imageready, so I gotta get my hands on imageready from cs2, which is still supposed to work with cs3.

The error is probably because it was done in Fireworks, which did come with cs3, and though I’ve always used it for cutting up images for web, it is pretty crap for animated gifs imo.

Thanks for the fix

edit… never realized PS CS3 had a new animation palette… just found it. Now to come up with some new stuff!!!

Ahh I see, i’m not familiar with Highlander.

:rofl: this thread is fucking awesome.

I hope everyone on SRK has some form of an STA is a tool type avatar.

Adam Warlocks is the best so far I think. Too fuckin’ good :rofl:

:u: I will not wear that bald headed albino jiggaboo ass nigga under my name. It’s hard enough looking at him every other post.

I hear ya. I’m getting sick of his bitch ass being under my name and I’ve only had this av for the past 6 hours or so lol.

this animation palette in cs3 is awesome. it’s pretty much a built-in imageready. anyway, here you go guys, enjoy!

@Biggzy - I’m not on the bandwagon, but my disdain comes from being sent to IMM by AW to look at the GF thread. He even directed me to other ridiculous posts he’s made in the past and I gave him chances. It’s a Kobra Kai thing, read our forums and me watching his back before this whole fiasco only to make me feel like Lefty Ruggerio.

You lost me. What happened?

here’s version 2:


@Biggzy - Go to the Kobra Kai forums under Social Groups. But basically Me, Zor and AW started the group a couple of years ago. There ended up being about 6 or 7 of us, the original clique. When Wiz implemented social groups, Zor started ours. After a few weeks he lost interest and disappeared until yesterday. I started the present one right after he left restructuring. I made the mistake of not doing the unanimous vote because I wasn’t getting responses from the other guys cause I don’t think they were posting much. When they saw the new members they became more involved again.

I went out looking for a few new members and AT THAT TIME, I was watching STA getting noticed around here and I thought he had potential. Earlier STA wasn’t that bad in my eyes. The OG members took some time getting used to the other new members but finally accepted them, but STA turned them off. I wasn’t really seeing it and didn’t think it was a big deal. Fast forward to now and look what we got. He had to get canned.

That’s why I save the best for myself. Though I feel guilty for totally aping someone else’s style.


Hmmm can some try to make an av of this image-
for me plz?
It kinda has the ‘son them all’ feel to it right?