The OFFICIAL Soo money match thread (Just been cleared by soo)

O.k, I don’t know about you guys, but Soo’s matches are always entertaining to me, so I figured I’d hit him up and get him to do some matches. Bad thing is he hasn’t played cept one tourney since evo, he did get first but hasn’t played since. I think all the attention to this thread will get him to at least play again.

So so far the matches are minimum of 100 bucks.
I’ve asked him if he would play the following matches because these are the ones I am willing to back he agreed. But he only wants to play friendly matches, so no drama please. He is not claiming to be better than everyone he’s money matching (though its obvious he’s better than some of them) just fun matches.
For the record I’m coming up with these matches soo said he’ll do the matches I set up so if you have suggestions let me know, I’ll consider and most likely run it by soo.

Soo vs. Smooth Viper FT10-100 (pending)
Soo vs. ORG FT 7-50/100 (pending)
Soo vs. Matrix FT 5-50/100 (pending)
Soo vs. Crizzle Ft 10-100 Crizzle volunteered to only use MSP
Soo vs. X FT 10-100 (pending)
Soo vs. Illan FT 5-50 (pending)
Soo vs. Vercette FT 7-50 Combofiend vs. Combofiend
Soo vs. Sanford Ft 10 - 50 (pending)
Soo vs. Justin Ft 10 - 100 Justin must use MSS
Soo vs. Me 3/5 - 10 Soo must use santhrax, I must use Strider/Doom
Soo vs. Deus FT 10 - 300 Santhrax vs. Santhrax
Soo vs. Potter Ft 10 - 100 (Pending)

Any other suggestions?

I dont know why hes dodgin Yipes when Hevad likes Yipes for 4gs ALONE, Not to mention all the EC money on top of it…whats really good?

If you Scary…Just say you Scary!

Soo will play yipes FT 10 if yipes personally posts he wants to do so. Soo and yipes are coo, which is why they aren’t matching. Ther are other individuals who he won’t match like taiji, and others. It doesn’t mean he’s afraid to have repsect for someone. If yipes wants to do it, it will be off of side bets like all the other matches up there. He will play anyone, whoever side bets on him, side bets.

loren, can i back soo if i’m not going to evo? for example i’ll give you cash at FFA

Is Korean Jordan coming to Evo? I’ll back him 20 vs Soo.


Does it only strike me as awkward that 9 of the 12 matchups are pending. I understand all about hype, but it’s getting old. Post up when there are confirmation. Esp after the row vs sanford thread, these holy promises are getting old, and these blaziniflo wanna bes are losing credit fast.

I’d rather not deal with that. I’m bad with even keeping track of my own money. Plus there was an issue last year. I gave Duc Jr. My money to bet, but he didn’t bet it. I would have actually lost, but he was honest enough and told me
"I didn’t bet your money so here it is". Now had I won… I woulda thought he was hosing me or something so I don’t wanna be under that.

FUGEE I don’t see yipes post so its not done yet. They have respect for each other and a good rapport so I don’t think either of them wanna play each other. They’re cool peeps so we’ll let one call the other out if he wants to play. As it stands soo is coo not playing him or playing him either way. Why would he be scared? 3rd at evo…

Pushblock they’re pending cuz this is where it begins. It’s not hype this is the beginning just letting folks know he wants to do 'em…how else do you do it? Contact each one individualy on aim? No. You just make a thread with all the matches you wanna do. Whoever accepts does, who doesn’t will be erased that simple. Calm down

my match has 2 stipulations

thrax vs thrax

and the money needs to be present prior to playing

Done and done. Me and you still playing for 300?

if you have 300, then sure

O.k. we’ll make sure all the money is there when we play I think it should be at least 7-800 side bets for me, pretty sure you can get that much too right?

Is potter down to play soo ft 10 for 100?

i’ll back deus more if you can put up more loren, you’ll be using one button dash right? whatever, doesn’t matter, just let me know how much extra you can put over bill’s 300 and i’ll give bill more money myself to cover…thanks

I know Soo aint scared thats that ec instigating shit…no beef

I talked to Yipes today and hes gonna do it…so on his side its Done! will see his post when he logs on srk. You right he has mentioned that Soo doesnt wanna play it cause they are boys but sometimes your boy gotta get EARF’D.

I talked to Yipes too and he wants to do it. I’ll back whatever amount up to 2-300 on Yipes. I love Soo, but just imo, Yipes is at the top of his game right now, and that level is slight higher than where soo’s at.

Me vs soo is FT7 for 50

coOl beans on these, can’t wait to watch these go down and it’s a great thing to keep the money matches as a freindly wager :lovin:

I don’t play msp players for money.

I’d rather watch the money matches than participate, especially since I’m broke.

You should join desert heat we may be homeless but we keep our pockets phat. Well what if soo doesnt use msp?

Damn DB! i’ll put money on Soofucking mighty anyday against anybody…let me know and i’ll bring the cash to FFA when shit goes down…let me in this one bro…