The Official Soul Calibur V Signature Thread

Shoryuken - Want to See Soul Calibur 5? Sign Here.

Another call to petition from the video game developers, and so it’s up to us fans to rally behind it.

This thread is for those who CANNOT sign the petition on Facebook, as I know there will be many of you without Facebook accounts and who will not want to sign up just for the petition, so, as a suggestion by Malice from, here is a place for you people to sign…

As for me…



Signed for a third time.

Regardless of how tournament-viable it is or isn’t, I’ll buy and play it for days and days.


But honestly, I have 0 faith in Project Soul after how they handled Broken Destiny.

Namco should dismantle completely current Project Soul and get in touch with key members of SC1 development staff for the new sequel.

Those guys were great, fixed gameplay stuff and LISTENED TO THE FANS unlike now.


Good idea for this thread. I hate facebook.


Would love to see another Soul Calibur :smiley:

@blinky77: I’m sure the new game will be tournament viable. If SC4 wasn’t tournament viable, I wouldn’t have helped run a tournament for it yesterday which I should have done better in, but had alot of fun competing in and in casuals afterward. Hilde being overpowered turned off alot of people, but a ban was placed on her last year from tournaments.

@Legend II: whoever makes this game won’t be those who previously made up Project Soul as they were let go. And if they listen to the fans, which appears to be the case since Namco is becoming more involved with the community, it could really bode well for a new game.

Signing. Need to see Taki with DDDs.

Signed, thanks for the thread. I avoid signing up to facebook yet again.

More SC please.

HELL YEA! make her outfit tighter LOL!
But for real, I’ve signed on face book too. COME ON SC5!


Hmmm, I wonder if Capcom would notice if someone started a Signature Thread for Street Fighter Alpha HD Remix…

Signed, but, i don’t get it, why do we need a petition for a game that sold 3 million?

Signed. SC5 FTW!

I love SFA3, but Capcom vs Snk 2/3 need to be the next BIG one bro.


sigh…signed. I don’t like this trend.

Refer to my post about Project Soul.

Those guys are retarded. Man, why can’t we have the BR staff for a change?

Hey Malice, is Angrel. Good to see you around, it’s been a while.

Nice to see you still supporting SC.

I signed and will always support SC as it is a big part of my life but I’m not having any expectations with the next one.

Project Soul FUCKED UP BIG with their SC3 AE and Broken Destiny decisions.

But hey, seems like there are some changes with TPTB.

Gotta keep updated on that one.

Eh I guess I’ll sign it again.

Signed! I’ll pick the game up no matter what just to satisfy my interest and support in the series, but I strongly agree with the other members who want Namco to take their time and produce a great product, as opposed to something flashy but just thrown together.

Signed. Hoping for the best!

I guess I’ll sign though I’d prefer it if they move back to a more tactical fighting experience like in the first and less on silly ‘just’ moves and the like.

We finally agree on something.

That, sir is part of the problem. You don’t buy stuff that isn’t good/ you don’t enjoy simply for support or namebrand. It kinda tells them to keep making shit.

I figure with companies are charging mercilessly for charging DLC content and whatnot, any goodwill argument is out the window.

Anyway, not interested in another fail SC title. Just give us online play for the first SC1 and I’m happy. And decent netcode, please.