The official SRK bookworms thread (The battle for literacy continues)


Read any good books lately? Favorite authors? Plot discussion, character motives, movies vs books, etc…

I know we have readers out there


The Name of The Wind ~ Patrick Rothfuss

As I see it.


Reading is for nerds!!!

The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain ~ Betty Edwards (not a novel but its something)


One Bullet Away ~ Nathaniel Fick
-Marine Officer Nathaniel Fick’s autobiography about his time at OCS through to the War in Iraq. Fick led the 2nd Platoon of Bravo Company of the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Very informative read and very well written.

Ender’s Game ~ Orson Scott Card
-I make sure I read this book at least once a year, maybe more. If you haven’t read this book, DO SO NOW! Super easy read, though it brings together a very well done sci-fi world.


I’m currently reading Guild Wars: Ghosts of Ascalon by Matt Forbeck and Jeff Grubb. I really don’t like Forbeck’s literary style in this novel. The satirical novelty wears off pretty quickly by chapter 5/6. Hopefully Guild Wars: Edge of Destiny written by J. Robert King is much better.

Yay for vacations where I do absolutely nothing!


i don’t remember what the last book i read was, but hopefully that will change. My favorite book is The Giver, but i read that in middle school. one of my resolutions is to pick up a library card. lets see how that goes :stuck_out_tongue:


The Giver is a solid book. Though I think I remember reading that book in middle school?


Can anyone recommend me some authors that are similar to Dan Brown. Similar in the sense that they use short chapters, lots of plot-twists, and historical facts. I especially liked The Davinchi Code and Angels and Demons.

I used to hate reading but I’m thinking at this point in my life, I’d probably appreciate a good novel more than I used to.


the last book I finished reading was “Colour” by Rudolph Steiner, very very interesting book :wonder:


In Fifty Years We’ll All be Chicks. Fucking Funny.

Aside from that been reading Patterson’s Alex Cross novels.
Side note: Fuck Dan Brown.


Thanks for that.

Now I have something else to preoccupy my time at Barnes & Nobles besides good magazines, a dearth of new good fantasy, bad coffee, and easy “intellectual” pussy.

As I see it.


I’m reading Jesse Ventura-Don’t Start The Revolution Without Me. His new book comes out in April which I will be checking out.


Pillars of the Earth. An epic novel about the building of a cathedral. I killed that book at neck break speeds. I honestly haven’t been able to read another book for a while since it was just so good.


Millennium Trilogy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


I’m currently re-reading the books in George R.R. Martin’s Song of Fire and Ice series.


Martin lost me after the debacle that was the fourth book.

It was an entirely disjointed affair - the original format broken.

And there was entirely too much fanboy homaging going on. Lactating titties + life as a house + on a boat? Really? REALLY, Martin?

But it is the simple fact that he either doesn’t have the talent to finish the series, or else doesn’t give enough of a fuck, as he is raking in the dough on all of the “accessorizing” of the series. Regardless of which it is - fuck him. I waited 5 years for the steaming pile of shit that was book four. After having waited five more years for the fifth book, with no sign of it coming any time soon (but an HBO mini-series already in production for his unfinished series), he can go eat a chain gang of dicks, and choke to death on the semen and smegma.

As I see it.


ATM I’m off and on with “Road Dogs” by Elmore Leonard. I bought “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” over the holidays and just really started that. I wanted to get “Johannes Cabal The Detective” by Jonathan L. Howard instead of Tattoo but I wasn’t trying to pay $25 for some author I hadn’t known about.


Just finished reading The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown and its a pretty good book.


I read this one recently, and thought it was just okay. The beginning is phenomenal, but they just go on and on about his complications at school and that bully dude. Great writing, but the plot goes nowhere… I’m still going to get the second book when it comes out though. Still, I think it got a lot of 5 star reviews on amazon, but I reviewed it for 3…


Hmm mind if I ask for a book recommendation?
My sister’s birthday is a few days and I was thinking of getting her a book to read; what’re some good titles for young teens?
I’ve been recommended Small Valley High, but would like to know of others if possible. THanks.