The Official SRK Gun Enthusiast Thread

Alright, I did a search and didn’t see anything like this so I figured I make one.

I myself am an avid Gun Enthusiast. I plan on joining the NRA, and obtaining a wide collection of guns. So the meaning of this thread would be for fellow enthusiasts to share shooting tips, show their gun collection and talk about the pro’s and con’s of owning them.

Feel free to debate gun control but let’s keep it friendly guys.

I’ll start off with a question.
I’m currently looking into Buying an MP5N (See link here and was wondering, is it legal for a civilian to own one of these? In just about every FPS I play this gun is bar far one of my favorites.

My personal Favorite Pistols are the Israeli Desert Eagle .50 But I don’t think it’s Legal for a Civilian to own one, but if it is I PLAN ON GETTING ONE! (Link here

And as for my Favorite Shotgun? I like the M3 (link here

Edit: PLEASE always be sure to practice safe and proper use of any gun, they are not a toy. And also always be sure to keep your guns in a nice clean condition for maximum performance.

Discuss Please.:wgrin:

You play CS, don’t you…

Im not into guns or anything (dont see the appeal) but…I do own this

Just incase someone is feeling big and trys to break in.

Dunno If I’d be classed as an ethusiast but I’ve always wanted to shoot one of these:

It’d leave you as a pile of flesh…ugh

It’s probably a good idea to try some guns out in real life rather than in a video game.

Don’t be a stupid mother fucker. Guns aren’t toys. Don’t go “oh wow, I used this in a FPS I play! It’s soooo kewl!” If you don’t respect the gun it will kill you or some one else.

Exactly. They aren’t a joke or a toy.

I go down to a place called “knights Shooting Range” whenever I can. They’ve got a great collection to practice with.

The guns I chose yeah, they are all in CS. But i’ve seen them all in person too. And what they can do. This is why I chose them.

I heard D-Eagles aren’t all they are cracked up to be.

They are big as hell with nasty recoil

The recoil on a D-Eagle does seem pretty [media=youtube]__JkOUheyVk"[/media]

Yup sure does



Did you buy this off some guy named Ray-Ray?

Because you didn’t get that price at any shop or show - even before the election. Unless the gun is beat up to hell and back.

I always wanted to goto a gun range to learn proper gun saftey and fire off a few rounds. Is that something that would be expensive or does the NRA have any free classes or something?

damn you weren’t kidding when you said you had the blam-blam, i was thinking that you had a little deuce deuce or something. i plan on getting a snub nose when i get my own crib.

my grandfather has an m-1 garand like clint eastwood in gran torino and some sort of combat shotgun that he bought hot like 20 years ago as well as an 8 gauge that looks like it’d backfire/explode if you ever tried to shoot it.

to the OP, what purpose could you possibly have for owning an MP5?

That will FOREVER be funny to me. I’m forever telling my younger cousins to not view guns like toys and that the recoil will “kick you in the gut” or “boot you in the head”, so I had a good chuckle when I first saw this.

(Not so funny when the child shot himself with the uzi last year :shake:, but this was an amusing vid.)

Good lord!

Do you hunt as well or do you have it specifically for intruders?

Monte: If you want to get interested most gun ranges have instructors that will take you through some good technique and teach you how to properly handle a firearm.

I like .357 mag deagles, but they are mostly just a novelty gun anyway, because they are so massive and heavy that they really have no practical use. I’ve shot a .50 cal deagle and I didn’t really like it that much, but I dislike any handgun to have more recoil that a .357, if I need that much power I would just use a rifle.

for real. i was real heavy on CS a few years ago, but had never shot a real gun before. last week my friend took me to the gun range and i shot 2 9mms and his late dad’s WWII .45 replica. yeah. nothing like a game at all :rofl: i’m scared of that damn .45. kicks like a mule (in comparison with the 9mms) 6 out of the 20 bullets i shot with it hit me square in the face and one shell casing got stuck in between my glasses and forehead and burned me. i already had respect for guns and knew it’d be nothing like CS, but going to a range is a real learning experience about what you can handle. i wanted a desert eagle, but after shooting the .45 i don’t think i want one now :rofl:

Ah, I see. You got a very good deal!

I’m in North Carolina, and that used to be about the going rate for a Yugo (right now the most common and least desireable make). A nice Russian or Chinese model would be about another $100. Prices have crept up steadily over the years.

After the election, they all went up about another $150. Pretty much price-gouging status. It’s an okay rifle - but it’s not worth upwards of 5 bills unless you are a collector or rather desperate.

What kind of plinking rifle, a .22? That’s about 95% of what I shoot nowadays. If you just want to plink, most any of them will work. I use a Marlin 39a and I love it. Might be more than you want to spend if you just want to dick around.

I can honestly tell you irl AK > M4 anyday of the week. I fucking hate that M4, such a piece of shit.

dude…the AA12 (that’s what you’re looking at) can fire some new frag shells (making it an automatic mini grenade launcher, firing 120 shells/minute)!

the mayhem starts at 4:20:

range is up to 175 meters (almost 575 feet)! :wow:

so, the AA12…

  • special frag grenades with a burst radius of 9 feet
  • 575 feet range
  • 120 shells/minute
  • automatic shotgun
  • maintenance-free, due to stainless steel parts**

…I pity the fool that gets in the way of this thing…the fucker would turn into hamburger meat.

Both Glocks and Barettas suck as well, they have the penetrating power of a BB Gun. And Glocks have a tendency to implode for no reason.

LOL you dont remember the pic i posted?

Nah…i dont hunt lol. Only for intruders.
I dont think i have the patience to hunt…