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Just wondering, but who is the best character against Falco? I usually play Marth and a little bit of Peach, but I can’t get past his laser spam, and up close his SHFFL and pillaring owning me.

Also, I’ve been hearing Gannon kind of counters Falco since he can tank a lot, and Eddie got in the finals at EVO world.


I dunno. I mean. He’s Eddie, so it’s practically not even like he’s playing Ganon.

Problem with Ganon is that he gets owned by lasers. Yeah, you can do some awesome combos and easy edguarding against Falco. Problem is though, dair is better than your upB and lasers will own you. I’d put it as a really hard battle for Ganon. Peach gets hurt bad by Falco’s lasers too.

To beat a Falco, I’d recommend Marth, Falco, and Fox. Marth can one hit kill Falco in a lot of situations. Falco (and Fox) just doesn’t flat out lose to anyone.


Here is a thread for Marth players on how to deal with laser spam and Falco’s approach in general.


Defeating lasers is just about putting the Falco outside of the comfort zone that is: sit and laser.

I like to wavecrouch at medium distances. It’s easier and less risky than faffing around with powershielding, and it generally means the Falco has to adjust the way they laser to hit me. Even if they are comfortable with this, this is a lot slower, and gives you more leeway with simply rolling to make up distance once they begin lasering that way.

At close distances, I like waveshielding.

Heck sometimes I just short hop to gain in on him and air dodge to the ground through the lasers. It’s risky but you get mad pay off if it works.


as marth a full jumped double fair also works really well on a falco spamming lasers.


try gimpyfish, considered the best bowser out there


Bowser is one of my mains, I’m not bad with him but I still need to improve. One of these days me and Zhu (the falco from the bay area) will get those Bowser dittos done

On the topic of Ganon Vs. Falco, yeah it works. You’ll have to be good at power shielding, but Ganon’s top notice edge gaurding mixed with his raw power and knock back can really beat on a Falco. Not to mention if you’re good enough, you can chaingrab Falco from 0 to death


ILLiterate? you know zhu? he’s a good friend of mine.

anyway, i main Fox, i’m from SoCal, burbank to be exact. If anybody want to money match or anything, let me know, i’m always down to play new people and put money on the line.


Mike Haze is a champion, no doubt. I’ve met Zhu in some local tournaments, good guy, way too fast

Also, do some men say I’m the best Bowser in NorCal?




EazyP you have a very good bowser, but i like this guys especially.

YO. Could someboy do some tests for Bowser for me since i don’ thave my GC. I think Bowser might have sme useful tactics off of edge canceling from fairs off platforms.

Example: Yoshi’s Story; Player 2 runs at Bowser from below. Bowser jumps Bairs on the edge of one of the platforms, edge cancels…then does Koopa Claw right after edge cancel to catch him. Or another scenario where Bowser edge cancel’s the firebreath, WD backwards then dsmashs because opponent decided to roll.

What I mean to say I’ve seen the Dphanna vid about edge canceling, and platform canceling. And I’ve been trying to develop some new strategies/mindgames based off of that.


most of that stuff doesnt really help. platform cancelling is really situationally and in most cases more flashy then useful. Especially for bowser. fair to PC’d fair is fun though.


Hai Lucien, I remember that one time I Link dittoed you and won, it was awesome

I need to play you again now that I don’t suck out of control, you JC Shine champion


One of the best ways to fight a falco as marth is to take the lasers. It’s not really a big deal to take even 20% damage in lasers, because if you land a grab you have a much better chance to kill falco than if falco were to land a shine. Only reason I think a marth would lose to a falco is because the falco is just better, or the marth is impatient.


Any of you fellas play a decent ganon(I main marth, but ganon is my alt)? I rarely see awesome ganons, and although I play a “technical” ganon (l-canceling, wavedashing etc) it could use improvement.


Ganon isnt one of my favorite characters to use but when im bored Ill play as ganon just for fun and its pretty decent too


is melee better than brawl?




Most definitely !


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