The Official SSF4 AE Player Of The Year Award

with the Tournament season all but over for this year, heres the top 5 with explainations.

  1. Fuudo :pray::pray::pray:

  2. Poongko

  3. Daigo

  4. Latif

  5. Kazunoko

Honourable mentions. Momochi, Tokido, Wolfkrone, Hsien Chang, RF

  1. Fuudo is self explanatory. EVO and GGs 4 champ. winner of the 2 toughest and biggest singles tournies of the year

  2. Poongko: He’s won countless amounts of tournies in Korea all year. showed us he was serious by wiinning Shadoloo Showdown 2k11 in top class fashion. 3rd at evo and took down the BEAST

  3. Daigo easily won Revelations and Norcal Regs. placed top 4 at both EVO and SBO. No.1 ranked Japanese Arcade Player and just redeemed himself by showing Poongko that he’s skills are far from diminished over a long set. he could really be number 2 but Poongko just edged him out.

  4. Latif: 4th at Revelations, 2nd at EVO. also took down the BEAST at EVO. Went unbeaten at the SBO quals. this guy has been scalping heads all year, be it on or offline. the world now knows who Latif is. easily the No.1 player in the US

  5. Kazunoko: SBO winner. No.2 ranked Japanese Arcade Player. i honestly didnt know who or how good this player was at SF4 during its Vanilla days but no one doubts his realized potential.

a lot of you might not like this so please feel free to post your top 5, top 3 or just 1, and give explanations. its just a bit of fun, but in all seriousness there should be an award like this to show who the number 1 is. i believe the majors left this year count as EVO points for 2012, so yep this season is over. please let me know if you agree with my winner or my rankings

And with no further Adieu… i now announce the award. FUUUDOOO!! i award you The Official Shoryuken SSF4 AE Player Of The Year Award. well done :pray::pray::pray:

Shit. Lemme email FUUDO and let him know about the award he just won!

I would like to nominate this for The Official Shoryuken SSF4 AE Worst Thread of the Year award…


hate much? why are you trying to derail my thread before its even had a chance to start? gee thanks:sad:

why am i not on the list?

…because I think that this is spectator, viewer, cheerleader, dick rider, fanboy, stream monster groupie like behavior that shouldn’t be appearing on this forum. What is the point of this thread?

every major sport etc appoint a player of the year, mvp. whats so wrong doing the same for SF4?

Add me to the honourable mentions list and I will delete all of my posts in this thread. :tup:

Kazunoko, for blowing everything and everyone up, including Japan’s Fighting Gods.

Latif or Kazunoko… they hadn’t really made a name for themselves in SF4 until just this year. (I knew of Latif for a while, but in terms of dominating in tournies, it just began within the past year.) Although, what makes “player of the year”? If it based on accomplishments, it’d have to be Fuudo.

winning evo > winning sbo

I’m confused, who is the official that is granting this official award?

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