The Official T8 Results Thread


Why hasn’t this been made yet? Possibly because there aren’t any results yet…

Anyway, post that shit.

From Nagata, after first day:

As for results, I’ll be updating from York U today:

  • Marvel Low Tier has drew a solid 26 players. 8 players in winners (JWong, Gatsby, Gerjay, Mihan, Jiggabry, Lawrence, ???, VDO). They’re in 9th place matches in Losers.
  • Alpha 2 I believe is down to top 8.
  • I don’t have the brackets for the team tourney. From what I understand it drew 18 teams for 3rd Strike, 10 for CvS2, 10 for GG:AC, 8 for Marvel. The usual suspects are still in their respective games.


$5 on Adam B > * in 3s
$5 on Matt > * in Jitz except Adam B
$5 on JS master > * in every game except JWONG
$5 on Noodle man vs Noodleman in mvc2


umm from what i can remember:
3s teams who were eliminated:
rest still playing, had to leave at 11
we havent even finished first round
same as cvs2


VDO is so fuckin beastly. If Ryan wasn’t so GDLK we would of lost that set.


shit was so un organized, they tried doing the low tier tourney on the cabinents but there were no organizers watching and directing. By the time they got it organized and shit where they had a specific TV for each marvel thing. it was like 9 something and they closed at 11. What time will marvel start tommrorow, i dont want to wake up early. Yo but it was pretty nice still, i never seen so many arcade sticks lying around. Some problems i seen were that ppl had to wait to play becuz they let ppl borrow their sticks and it delayed shit. Other times, some one was in one tournament and his team was waiting for him so they could play in another game.

i seen a man with a video camera recording some marvel stuff. i recorded some stuff he wasnt. i want to go to bed but ill upload one thing now.

more ppl will be comming saturday i hope that shit is more organized.


Until they invent cloning or time travel, you realize this will be and has been an unavoidable problem in every tournament ever, including evo…


I don’t know. I thought it was really jacked on the GGAC side. There are only 10 teams, while starting late was unavoidable a 10-team tournament could have easily finished before the night was done. Especially because of the super-bye that two teams got.

A lot of us just ended up sitting there doing nothing, waiting for people to show-up and play for over an extended period of time. Nobody really told us what was going on, so we had to figure it out for ourselves. It was just a bad setup overall. (Seeing as this is SRK, I’ll leave myself open as flamebait.)

Nice meeting some new people though.


i had fun today playing AC with a bunch of new people. I thought the team tourney would be done by the day one but i guess we will have to continue it tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, i can’t make it tomorrow so whoever goes to the team tourney good luck.


does anyone know the new official times for saturday,


unfortunately we’ve gotten used to waiting for people who play the capcom games during tournaments, T7 the GG tourney lasted from 6pm to 4am because of waiting for 1 person and there were like less than 10 teams. we had like a 3 hour pause in the middle =(
however some teams will be fucked tomorrow because of some team members not being able to attend (like our team’s ky T^T ) So for teams that end up in this situation, whats gonna happen? we didnt expect the team tourney to go onto saturday. Or are we just out of luck and hafta be scammed? :confused:
How bout a team member uses the missing member’s character? :clap:


Ok by reading this post, I know you haven’t been to much large tournies.
1st of all, the one directing does not have to watch any matches. He just tells ppl who to play and waits for the results. Its not his fault players decide to walk away from a match, ignore a call or go eat without telling him. If you think I’m bsing you, go to evo and watch how they direct. Its funny cuz the one running marvel teams/low tier was standing in the same place for the whole day. He has to tell ppl what to do for marvel and take site fee registration so he can’t be running around the marvel games watching every detail.

2nd, you said how late the tournies started but you forgot to mention the technical difficulties that pretty much halted bracket progression for a good hour+

3rd. All games resume at 11, Justin has already said this many times. If you don’t like waking up that early, tough shit.
I won’t really comment on the rest of the things you posted seeing how those delays are normal at large tournies.


I don’t know. A lot of us will end up with troubles getting there early tomorrow. GO buses don’t run on weekends, and a lot of people say “Too fucking bad” cause they think everyone has some sort of magical answer for this tournament. Yes, tough luck, indeed.

EDIT: JS, it was your team that stalled the AC tournament, you know. =p


Is this your first major? I mean, that’s some major criticism to give to the guys running (G3nn, Dark Dragon, Nagata etc.) it. Your prorably some noob, and this is your first big tourny so i won’t go in depth, but unless your willing to step in and help get things running then you should really lay off on comments of organization. I’m pretty sure all the directors are doing there best to get shit together.

If you don’t want to wake up early then too bad. If everyone else is doing it then tough luck.

Oh ya i’m not trying to sound like an SRK celbrity.


Pui, put me on the team. I told you earlier!


yeah that was my first major i been too, i thought there would be like security guards everywhere and seating arrangements and tons of space.

and yo why u geting so offened, thats only constructive critism and i’m not lke being serious. obvioulys T8 is amazing and the best thing in canada. And i just heard some random person say 11 o lock so i didnt know if it was official or not, thats why i was asking

soem matches from t8

Low tier tourney, early round

(spiderman/guile/iceman spiderman/juggz/capcom) vs. 2W (charlie/chun-li/guile)

(jill/spiderman/tbone gief/collosus/silversam) vs. 2W (ryu/ken/collosus)

2W (charlie/chun-li/guile) vs. (rubyheart/bbhood/capcom rb/ryu/tron)


Actually I do care and its not constructive critsim. From what I can see you don’t play anything…If it was so bad, why didn’t you offer to lend us your services? If you guys think things aren’t running smooth, you could opt to lend a helping hand right? Look at ppl like Annie and Jim Kim. They wern’t directing anything but they were more help than alot of ppl.
Oh yeah This is DarkDragon.
I’m currently sleeping in Js master’s mom’s room. :looney: time to sleep.


Like I explained earlier, it’s 10 teams in a 16 man bracket, so no matter how you set the brackets, 2 teams will get a super-bye. And a super-bye isn’t going to make things go any faster if some of the players are constantly being called over to 5 different other games they registered for.

This is kinda asking for too much. You want me to run it as fast as possible, but when there are problems/delays, you want me to take the time to explain what’s going on to every single person? I left the brackets on the tv whenever I had to go play my matches on other games, you guys are free to check out what’s happening, and maybe even help in getting the next match ready. If people are ready I get them to play their game, if they are busy with other games then shit we can’t really do anything but wait. That’s just how it works so don’t expect things to go so smoothly at a national tournament. I also don’t really remember you asking me what’s up with the delays other people did and I told them we’re waiting for teams that are busy with other games.

This is T8, a national tournament, with people competing in over 10 different fighting games, and yes there are many people who compete in multiple fighting games, which they cannot possibly play all at once as a human, so yes expect delays.


i got taped while playing so crappy =(



**SRK name is LimeKen, to lazy to log out and in.

Why was the fucking tournament delayed so long? I won’t be there 'til tomorrow so I have no right to complain, but where did the problem lie?


Oh, and if anyones interested, I’m taking bets on Samir to fuck shit up, any takers to front another player?

Oh, and can someone post real results of the teams tournament so far? Who eliminated who and whatever else.