The Official TALES Thread (Sword Rain Alpha) - Tales of Berseria Coming!


What’s up, people? Being one of the big fans of the Tales series and the impeding releases of Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World on the X360 and Wii respectively, I felt that this topic needed to made to discuss the new games and the old ones alike. To refresh some of the people on the history, as Tales is celebrating in 10th Anniversary in North America.

Tales Website (Japanese):

Main Tales Franchise:

Tales of Phantasia (1995) SNES [Japan Only]

  • Ported to PS in 1998 [Japan Only]
  • Ported to GBA in 2003 [Worldwide Release]
  • Ported to PSP in 2006 [Japan Only]

Tales of Destiny (1997) PSX [Japan & North America Only]

  • Ported remake in 2006 to PS2 [Japan Only]

Tales of Eternia (2000) PSX [Japan & North America Only]

  • Ported to PSP in 2005 [Japan & Europe only]

Tales of Destiny 2 (2002) PS2 [Japan Only]

  • Ported to PSP in 2007 [Japan Only]
  • PS2 Director’s Cut in 2007 [Japan Only]

Tales of Symphonia (2003) GC [Worldwide Release]

  • Ported to PS2 in 2004 [Japan Only]

Tales of Rebirth (2004) PS2 [Japan Only]

  • Ported to PSP in 2008 [Japan Only]

Tales of Legendia (2005) PS2 [Worldwide Release]
Tales of the Abyss (2005) PS2 [Worldwide Release]
Tales of Innocence (2007) DS [Japan Only]
Tales of Vesperia (2008) X360 [Worldwide Release]
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (2008) [Worldwide Release]
Tales of Graces
Tales of Graces F
Tales of Xillia
Tales of Xillia 2
Tales of Zestiria
**Tales of Berseria **

Other Titles: Tales of the World

Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon (2000) GBC [Japan Only]
Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 2 (2002) GBA [Japan Only]
Tales of the World: Summoner’s Lineage (2003) GBA [Japan Only]
Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3 (2005) GBA [Japan Only]
Tales of the Tempest (2006) DS [Japan Only]
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology (2007) PSP [Worldwide Release]
Tales of Hearts (2008) NDS [Japan Only]
Tales of Versus (2009) PSP [Japan Only]

Fan Discs:

Tales of Fandom Vol.1 (2002) PS2 [Japan Only]
Tales of Fandom Vol.2 (2007) PS2 [Japan Only]

Upcoming Releases:

Tales of Berseria [Worldwide Release]

More info to be added when it arises. Discuss this great long-standing series.


  • Regions where games are available.

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I might actually get a 360 for the new tales game, I have been on the edge of getting one recently with a lot of cool games but this one might just push me over the edge. I really love the series. I used to play Phantasia in my C++ class on emulator. that was a really fun game. I’d say my least favorite is probably Destiny with Legendia coming in close second. Though I would have like to see Destiny 2 come out here in the states. Abys and Symphonia are probably 2 of my favorite.

I have them all the ones that came out in the US except for phantasia(which I should look for). I have rebirth(but I don’t own the disc) and innocence and plan on giving them a play sometime. I might play rebirth this summer, because I’ve heard so many great things about that game and it is supposed to be one of the best. plus the game looks beautiful and the fighting system is cool.

is there a tales fan site? like SRK for SF, or suikosource fo suikoden?


There is a Tales forum here:

It’s a pretty big one too.


Tales of Symphonia 2 looks sexy.

Always loved this series.

Was a huge fan of Phantasia,and Symphonia.I didn’t like Abyss as much because Luke was a whiny bitch.Even his 2nd half turn around didn’t change it for me.

Veperia also looks damn god.It will be interesting to play a totally new Game.


Bonnie Pink opening FTW. They fucking BETTER keep it this time in US.


I would assume that nowadays, they’d be able to have multi-language tracks for game.


I thought they were going to have it sung in english for the us version i think. It might have been an interview done by 1up at somepoint


bangs head against desk if true

EDIT: Abyss owns the fuck outta Symphonia (IMO anyway, the battle system was way better) and Luke was awesome. Anise however failed at life and should’ve gotten shanked in an alley somewhere.


Oh cool. I didn’t know there was a remake of Tales of Destiny for PS2. Did that make it to North America cause I don’t remember seeing it anywhere.


Nah, the jerks left it in Japan. Just like Tales of Innocence for DS. :tdown:


I want Tales of Destiny remake soo bad but i can’t find anywhere


Yeah, I should really label the games that were Japan only. I’ll get to that. Also, if I’m not mistaken, I think I can confirm the US version will have Bonnie Pink singing in English. Which is yes, kind of wack.


Eternia and Phantasia are made of utter win. The only thing I don’t like about the series is that namco always replaces the original title movie music with generic fantasy music when they port the series to western market.


Tales of Destiny is a classic in my book, definitely deserves a look. Heard tons of good things about Symphonia, but never got around to checking it out. The new Wii Tales looks…dated, but I’ll probably still give it a try.


A Tales thread?

Hmm… I played a few.

Tales of Symphonia: Never finished it. Had a hard time finding someplace to level up.

Tales of Legendia: Beat the storymode. Did some of the quests afterwards. Didn’t finish that either. Random battle+slow moving on maps=me bored and angry.

Tales of the Abyss: Stopped at level 26. After playing the other Tales games this one felt exactly the same. IMO it had nothing to keep my interest long enough. Coolest thing was Ash and Luke though…

I’m not too excited about the Tales series but I haven’t given up on them yet. I wish this new Tales was coming out on PS3… Dammit.


i can’t believe vesperia is being released on the 360 though. seems like the 360 is trying to cater to RPG players, with the release of eternal sonata and lost odyssey and all.

i plan on buying a wii to play tales of symphonia 2, since that game was my favorite non-smash game on GCN.


Whoa wait, it’s still Bonnie Pink though?

Yay. She can actually sing in English so I don’t mind. :tup:

EDIT: The story of Abyss is awesometastic, I suggest finishing it to anyone who hasn’t.


Indeed, yes, it will still be Bonnie Pink. She sings multi-language, so yeah.


Tales of Symphonia 2/Dawn of New WorldTrailer

A new trailer with gameplay footage. I wasn’t sure about the graphics at first, but see things in action, it looks ok.


thanks for that. I’m looking forward to it