The Official Tatsunoko vs Capcom Code Thread




Tallahassee, FL

Looking for very serious comp.


Once I figure out my friend code, I’ll edit this post when I do. At work at the moment.


It normally costs $20.

Amazon Link.


Cool man, I was trying to unlock Zero last night, but Frank West got unlocked instead. And then I took my Frank West online and got waxed by a Zero user :lol:

I’ll add you too


Yo Truckasaurus how’s the Sega Saturn Dual Joy Stick lol I’ve added you to my friends list. add me also. JaYsTeR - 4082-6858- 1188 / Miami, FL


niiiice!!! i ran into so many spammers that used Zero. Spam dive kicks, uppercuts, and supers. Lovin it!

i’m online if you guys want to play some casuals. Just add me up.

KrisRon 2880-1008-7884 from Chino Hills, CA


Yo! I’m trying to get my hands on some of the Mojochan converters so I can convert the Saturn->PSX->GC :woot: I’ll add you to my list too, I wonder what the connection will be like on opposite ends of the country. I’ll be sure to add you on tonight

YO! Yeah he was spamming the shit out of my megaman, I was just running around changing weapons the whole time, still not sure what the fuck I’m doing and then I switched up to Frank West and spammed the shit our of his megabuster super, and I won, Ionno I think he let me win but whatever.

I’ll be online late tonight like 1:30am-ish Pacific time


Cool, I’m on a wired Adapter I’m also curious to see on it would play across the country.


hahaha alright man i’ll be online around that time too. hopefully we could get some games in. since you live in Walnut, which is literally 15 mins from my place, do you go to AI or Super Arcade?


I added everyone to my roster btw. I’m on the East Coast.


I haven’t played any online yet, trying to do the un-lockables thing first. Arrrrrg.


Let’s do it
Science!, east coast


I’ll try to add some people while I’m at it


Haven’t been going to AI or Super recently, I don’t have that much time during the day, so I hit up Video94 for some late night competition sometimes


Never added Friend Codes before on the Wii, so this will be my first experience. No real experience in TvC yet and hoping to get the stick for it.

Friend Code: 5199-3870-9738
Wii IGN: Tenonez

From AL.


Hey guys, looking for some good competition that has a good connection with me…so far that has been extremely rare.

Friend code: 0689-6721-4192
I’m in VA.

edit: my roomate must have been torrenting or something, I haven’t had many laggy matches since when I was playing earlier.


Hey guys, I just updated my friend roster and I have added everyone on my friends list for TvC. If any of you play me, I may suck since I don’t have my stick on me since it’s in Cali to get fixed by nin-jay.


Sup guys i’ll be online after i unlock everything. But keep posting thanks again peeps. Also Science! i need you game code 12# sir thanks.



What controller/stick is everyone using for this game. Me im using my dual modded TE stick that I modded again to work on wii


(J B) 5113-4859-2532 South Plainfield, NJ