The Official Tatsunoko vs Capcom Code Thread


Triple modded TE Round 2 PS3/PS2/WII


3266-6541-9480 Lipucd

Heh, not sure how much use I’ll get from this as I prefer more live chat then say MSG boards myself, but oh well. Can’t find an IRC for this yet. I do hope to get some matches in with you guys thought, But I’ll admit ATM I’m rather scrubby, Can’t Even do basic combos with Saki yet (j.H, H, hcf H…how the HELL do I keep dropping this?). but Planning on maining her, and still trying out different partners ( So far Ryu and Zero look good )


TvC name : Trujillo

TvC friend code : 3996-7915-5602

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

got a wired connection


Yo my wii TvC name is “IZANAGI” (naruto reference)

and my friend code is



Chicago, IL


I heard the netcode for this game is even better than CoNR3. I might get this game this week, or through “other means.”



Anyway, can’t wait to play you guys. :smiley:


Still waiting on my stick. :frowning:

Anyways, the name is TELRU and my FC is:


EDIT: Oops, forgot to mention. I’m East Coast (PA).


I’m east coast (new England)
tvc wii: 0732-6231-9454
name: X?SW0RD
I’ll add anyone from my coast


Yeah, I’ve had some laggy matches because I play online. I’m looking for an adapter for the wii now to get it wired. :frowning:

Edit : Online has a MASSIVE delay for me. =( Gonna see if I can get wired today. It’s annoying as hell.
Also, I added everyone here, but no ones ever online. xD


anybody know where I can find my friend code?


PM me to let me know u have added me. I don’t see anyone online lol


TAURUS - 3910-8900-6376 - Newfoundland, Canada

PM me if you add me. I’m looking forward to seeing some strong competition.


Jose357 Goto Friend Roster and your code will be at the top of the screen. Its in the Nintendo Wi-fi Connection option.



Name: Nesslo64
Code: 4598-0965-3881
Reppin’ Chicago, IL (Chitown Baby!)


Added all the east coast players to my roster! Hope to see some of you online!


Hey guys, there was already a thread on the friend codes list. Just found out just now.


Victor - 5113-4866-8268 - Woonsocket, RI

I’m hoping to get some good non-laggy games in. Be warned though, I’ve been playing since the Japanese release (also won some tournaments) and I’ve also been playing Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for over five years so I’m no scrub, lol. There’s too many noobs online so I’m looking forward to good competition from the peeps here on SRK. Let’s have some fun!


@Divine Tenken k thanx. ill be back with my friend code.


0904-4313-5719, South Carolina (Wired). PM me if you decide to add, new to online for the Wii.


I now have wired connection so I have smooth connection for the east coast


bushido blackout - whiteout- 8621 4359 4255 9502- Thomasville Ga. high speed connection.