The Official Tatsunoko vs Capcom Code Thread


WaInut - Squishy 0346-0706-7264 Columbus Ohio high speed connection.


hey my tvc friend code is 4598 0965 0959. my tvc name is Jose and im toronto, ontario, canada. if any canadians wanna fight with me send me a messege.


my code 0474 9211 7221 my name JAY westport,Ma high speed connection


Shakugan my code: 0775 6083 7611 from New Jersey


xOriginalx13 - Bad Guy 0732-6383-2558 Toronto, Canada
I have a wired connection


hey yo james i have a new tvc friends code ill shoot you on the text. i tried to change settings to match my region hoping that would help the lag but no go so i lost all those points and rivals. :sad: holla at me man im playin some 2k10 now.


3051-9065-0974 im from norcal and my in-game name is don moe…been wanting to play some new ppl, hit me if you’re dwn to play


IHateU :: TVC Code: 1548-7165-3861 Richmond,VA add and get beast’'d on!


new to TVC,361 031 975 058


Sup guys ill update the thread tomorrow ok later.



A bit new to playing this game…looking to improve + casuals

Terribad - 2608 9608 5191 8632 - Fairfield, CA (norcal) - decent speed connection.


New to this game as well. Anyone know how to join your friends online without being random peopel


Yeah i can help. Add your friends to your FC list and have your friends do the same then if there online when your are hit there name and your good.

Ninja Edit: Bushido BlackOut and xxphilopiaxx i need a 12# code from you guys asap ok thanks.



My TvC FC: 1291-1031-5917
Fullerton, CA (SoCal)


East Coast (Ohio)


Name: Predacon
Rockman/Tekkaman Blade/Batsu/Karas player

I’m new looking for some sparring partners, so if anyone is interested just post here or send me a message, thanks.


Bushido Brown
New York City


Name : Bushido

I Really Like TO Play Against Strong Players… Cuz I’m Strong :smiley:


GS Edge: 3352-8904-8200 Colton, CA


corpus christi,tx
hit me up to play


oldsk00l - 5071-0618-7691 - mid us, mountain hide out. lunchtime, evenings, and weekends .


RYLFLSH 0732-6207-5703

Location: Santa Clarita, CA (Southern California)
Wired connection and I use wired PS1 sticks.