The Official Tatsunoko vs Capcom Code Thread


friend code: 1291-5452-5514
Location: Jackson, New Jersey:woot:
Wired and Wireless connection (play on wired)

Looking for East Coast players for non laggy matches

Use: Ken, Ryu, Casshern, Batsu, Polimar, Jun
HORI fight stick or game cube controller


Anyone who wants to play inbox me your info I surprisingly like this game since I have been practicing for MvC 3

Condor Combo: [media=youtube]qCQGyyIq0_M[/media]


Koao-4169 2325 7471-Markham, Ontario,Canada
no lag plz >.>



soulkhan =taken from a street battle rapper, cause hes cool.

im a rookie, im barely learning the ropes on advanced combos

i also play marvel vs capcom 2, waiting for 3 to come out


I’ll probably be getting mvc3 tomorrow, but with all the hype surrounding it I’d like to get a couple games of Tatsunoko in with anyone here who plays it before everything becomes eclipsed by marvel 3.
(tatsu friend code - 3910-8965-1706)


dont know if the thread is dead but names matt. got a wii and been wanting to add people on TvC but most friends have 360 lol

add me if yall like, its all good



Best way to get an on-line match is to go to this link. Then click on the "Current online players"link.
There you will see who is on line and their friend code. Just enter the friend code of the person you want to fight and then look for friend’s on line through the Wii. Since you know who is online via the link, it makes for an easier way to challenge players closer to your skill level.