The Official TE2, TE2+, TES+, PANTHERA EZ MOD Thread


It’s actually a LS-38 but thanks nonetheless :smiley:


Just got the EZMOD board and having a little problem. The 2 buttons at the top doesn’t seem to work. Was also wondering what the PS3/PS4 switch does.


Did you install the jumpers on the headers to set them to a function? If you didn’t they won’t do anything.


Do you mean the green and red * ? Then No I didn’t but can you explain on how to install the jumpers? I’m completely new to modding.


Please watch the video for the mod, I explain where to install the little plastic jumpers in there. its not hard, you just install them by putting them on a set of pins so that the buttons behave as you want them to.


You mean the J8 & J4? I thought you meant I had to connect JP4/JP5 to something. I have J4 and J8 connected and the turbo functions don’t seem to work.


JP4 and JP5 are 2x4 headers. There is a graphic printed on the board that shows jumpers need to be installed to connect a button to each. Additionally, all the wires need to be connected from the aux board to the EZ MOD and then from the EZ MOD to the UFB.

Please show pics of your install, otherwise I am just shooting in the dark here.


Okay so here are pictures of my install. [details=Spoiler]



As suspected, there are no jumpers installed on JP4 and JP5. You should have gotten them in your kit. You see that graphic that shows L3/R3/TP/Turbo with like a rectangle? That indicates how you set each button by installing the jumper connecting the pins. The jumpers look like these:


That’s strange, I never got those in my kit. Since they probably never came with my kit, is there a place to purchase them?


I would contact wherever you bought it and ask them to send you some; they are supposed to be in the kit. Worst case, you can get 100 (so you will have 98 spares) from amazon:


Shoot, for $6 bucks (Shipping included) I just buy the 100 pack, then give away the extras.


Hey Jasen, any further updates on the EZMod for the TES? I’m about to order one largely because I like the form factor way better than the TE2+ and I know you made some progress on the EZMod for it a few months back. Would love to pick up an EZMod for it at the same time since I’ve never done custom work on my stick and I don’t trust myself to solder. Thanks!


Its complete and tested. I just need to put the PCBs into manufacturing. I haven’t done it though because I am deployed. I might be able to do a small run of them at a reasonable rate from abroad once I talk to Spencer about the logistics. I want to make sure he’s fully got his feet under him with Panzer Fight Sticks (which I would recommend picking up over the TES+ :slight_smile: ) and shipping them.


I actually would love a Panzer stick but I went to order one and after shipping it would cost me over $700! The pains of living in Australia. So the TES+ will have to do. Thanks!


Not trying to be jerk about this, but in the future if you ever wanted to a have a very FGC vacation, like going to SCR or EVO or PSX etc., there are usually cheapy round trip flights from Australia to most US West Coast spots for around $650 to $700. I have a cousin who lives waaaaaay out in Launceston Tasmania and he’s done this three times. Flies in with empty suitcases, and leaves loaded up with sticks, games, shirts, kicks, etc. for himself and his mates back home.

Food for thought.


Did you use USPS Priority? I have shipped about 10 to Australia and shipping was never more than $100.


Looks like I made an error when originally putting in data for the shipping estimate, with USPS Priority it comes down to about $500. Definitely something I’ll have to think about!


Think about it this way:

TES+ $199.95
Brook UFB $89.95
EZ MOD $40
Shipping: $100 ish total from the states.

PFS3: 279.95 (with brook)
Shipping: $100ish
Buttons Lever of your choosing: $60

Pretty close when it comes down to it… but no plastic stick.


Is the TE2+ EZMod Board for sale online anywhere anymore? Or is it only available at EVO? Arcade Shock is sold out and Paradise Arcade Shop appears to not even have it listed.