The Official TE2, TE2+, TES+, PANTHERA EZ MOD Thread


I installed the te2+ ez mod and everything works great but the player led is always on for player 3. What did I do wrong?


Pictures? There was an issue with this on TE2 for X360 that I fixed with a software update. They shouldn’t be shipping like this… where did you get it from?


I’m at work so I won’t be able to post a picture till later. I ordered the te2+ ez mod through I can connect another controller to my ps4 and switch profiles and the te2+ leds will light up red indicating player 2, but I cannot get the player one led to work correctly.


> First thing to do is to unplug the aux panel connectors and re plug them in to make sure they are all tight.
> Second post pictures. This seems odd and hasn’t happened before. I need to see how you have everything connected inside to make sure nothing is swapped around.


I will post pictures when I get out today around 3pm est and I will check my connections.


Ok so I got it to work. One of the 5 pin wire connectors are flipped. I also had the J2 connected and I don’t think I need it connected.



J2 supplies the future INT/SDA/SDL/RST lines for the touchpad to track and such. Brook hasn’t implemented it yet, but I wanted to make this future proof.

Glad you figured it out. I was thinking a bridged solder joint was in the cards as the culprit.



i finally got mine installed and everything. also, i have the lvt3 led board setup but this causes the stick to become unresponsive any idea what could be causing this issue? when i disconnect the buttons and joystick and plug into the ezmod board it works fine.


Which LVT3 do you have? I think only the PS4 one works properly with the EZ MOD. @armi0024 - can you confirm?


unresponsive after 8 minutes perhaps?


Is there any latency/input delay when using the EZ Mod compared to strictly wiring directly to the UFB? I primarily play Street Fighter 5 on PS4 and PC (144 HZ, 1MS response monitor) so any honest feedback is greatly appreciated.

I’m hoping to pull the trigger on the EZ Mod TE2+ combo but wanted to hear back on any tests ran. Here is my reference video: TE2+ with UFB


no lag


The EZ MOD is essentially a wiring harness only for the buttons and joystick, it adds NO LATENCY beyond the standard but from the UFB, system you are using it in, and game because it DOES NO PROCESSING on those signals.


Thanks for the speedy reply Vicko and Jasen! I ordered up an EZ Mod and look forward to adding it to my TE2+


I have the xbone one.

thanks for your reply I will look at paradise arcade shop for the ps4 one.


Ez mod installed on te2plus


did the wire splice to get the LED board working on my KI stick. By any chance could you tell me what kind of wire that is? The three pin wire from the led board to the pcb, I’d like to order/make another cable. I carefully desoldered the original pcb in case one day I want to take out the brook and resell the KI stick since it might be worth something in the future although my plexi/border aren’t in the best condition lol




Is there ever going to be an EZ mod for the TES+?