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Ez mod installed on te2plus


did the wire splice to get the LED board working on my KI stick. By any chance could you tell me what kind of wire that is? The three pin wire from the led board to the pcb, I’d like to order/make another cable. I carefully desoldered the original pcb in case one day I want to take out the brook and resell the KI stick since it might be worth something in the future although my plexi/border aren’t in the best condition lol




Is there ever going to be an EZ mod for the TES+?


Yes. The TE2+ works with a lot of “help” so I just need to rework the form factor to make it easier and determine how many I want to invest in making.


I came here to ask the same thing. I’m glad to hear it’s in the works.


The big thing I need to deal with is the USB cable. I did a mod at EVO (that admittedly took WAYY too long to do) using the TE2+ EZ MOD and I found that the USB cable can be a bit finicky when stripped. One of the data lines had a blue film on it which wasn’t easy to get rid of so I just swapped USB cables. All in all, not hard to include an additional cable and its very doable.


Wow that’s pretty cool to know! Can’t wait to see what it’ll look like.


use a lighter :slight_smile:


Can anyone help me please? I’m having the same sort of issue as Dannyctes86. I own the TE2+ joystick and LVT3 for TE2+. It was all fine. After I installed brook + EZmod on top of it, it stopped working.

So I disconnected the LVT3, and the setup works - TE2+ with EZMod+ plus Brook. The EZmod+ and LVT3 works individually however when combined together it had alternating lights and cannot be detected. I’ve tried it on a PC as XBOX 360 and XBOX one mode, and then a regular PS4.

Any advice on troubleshooting this thing?


Contact PAS. The wiring harness they include has the Ground and Signal pins swapped which is fine on the stock TE2+ board but not on the EZ MOD. You need a specific LVT3 board that has the signal and ground orientations correct for the EZ MOD. If you tell them what’s going on (like I said to the above poster) they know exactly which revision of the LVT3 to exchange it for.


Thanks for the quick response Jasen. I’ve contacted PAS but had a quick question. The wiring you are referring to - can it possibly be this right here?

Are you possibly saying that the default TE2 wiring works on the stock TE2+ board when used with a LVT3?



Probably it, yes. The TE2 and TE2+ use the exact same harness for the buttons. Because they have them setup with both wires going to the board (gnd and signal) from each button, it doesn’t matter where the GND is connected on the board because its just simply shorting the two together when the button is pressed. Because the LVT3 has an interconnect cable with very specific GND pins and SIGNAL PINS it seems like the button singals are going directly to GND and the GND pins are getting put onto the signal pins causing the issue.

** EDIT **

This is the exact layout of the EZ MOD. Make sure your pins from the LVT3, connected to the EZ MOD, are setup accordingly.


I own the EZmod+ version - so the above diagram, shouldn’t the gnd pin should be the bottom and the signal pins vise versa?
Thanks a bunch.


No. This is a picture of my board and both the TE2 and TE2+ version use the EXACT same layout.


I’m very embarrassed =) that you posted this in the very first post. Okay but you have to give me a break though - I went through the trouble of buying 2 ezmod and then 2 ezmod+ because later I found they are not the same. So I even went through the trouble of getting myself a PS4 LVT3 board on the website and making of drop down choice of TE2+ (I believe this choice will let PAS know which harness to ship out).

In the PAS support article they said TE2+ had the GND and singals reversed from the original TE2 and you said your wiring is the same for EZMOD and EZMOD+.
In the end, I had to convert the TE2+ harness into the regular TE2 harness and it worked…

Well thank you for serving our country and thank you for all your products + wisdom + contribution to the FCG.


Will the Kaimana Kameleon LED Driver PCB work with this mod?


I would recommend using an LVT3 instead. The KK will work, but you will need to mod a USB cable to work with the switching function of the mini-usb on the board.


unfortunately the lvt3 for ps4 is out of stock so no luck on that end just seeking alternatives. thanks though!


Then I would go with a Kaimana Mini. Same function, smaller footprint and no need to do anything funky with the USB.