The Official TE2, TE2+, TES+, PANTHERA EZ MOD Thread


Hello Jansen.
Do you will sold any custom panel for Madcatz TE2+ anytime soon?
I’m looking for a complete “Type-N with 8 button” (metal panel + plexi) for my TE2+, but I can’t find this product in your site.


I will be yes. Since I am moving to Japan in about two weeks I have had to move shipping locations and split things up. The Florida warehouse, aka a spare room in a friends house, is getting setup right now. We have plenty of Type N panels available, just need to organize and inventory.


How would I go using this in and Atrox or is it not possible?


Hello Jansen.

Do you send to Brazil? If yes, I’m thinking about buy a Type-N for my Madcatz TE2+ and, at the same time, I’m worried about the transportation. Are your package secure for international shippment? I’m worried because the postal company here in Brazil is not a good one and is necessary to stay clear the package is extremelly fragile, for “security reasons”.

Another doubt is about the “[BLEMISHED]” condition of the panel. Can you show me some kind of image for reference about the problem?

Thank you!


I have a te2+ EZPZ

Plan to install a SIREN and MAGENTA soon

Can I use the power connector on the EZPZ for the Lvt3/generic LED to power my stick/Siren?


Do you have Jasens Ezmod or Gummos ezpz? If you have Jasens board then yes, you can. If you have Gummos board your sol as you cannot close the TE2 with both a Magenta and EZPZ, as the ezpz sits underneath the lever and prevents you from closing the lid.

If you have Jasens board you would plug the magenta into the ezmod and the lvt3 into the 2nd 5v port on the magenta. The siren attaches to the mode switching port on the magenta.


I have gummos board…till today I assumed they were one and the same. Thanks for the heads up.

So I can’t use a MAGENTA with it!? Wow that sucks. Hard.

So Jasens board will allow me to keep all the functions of my TE2+ as well as install a MAGENTA/Siren.

Guess I’m buying one.


That is correct. I went through the whole process you are doing now about a month ago. I prefer Gummos board as it does not use any wiring and is a cleaner install imo, but unfortunately it will not work with the Magenta.


I can’t find JASEN’s board for sale by itself. Everyone wants to bundle it with the Brook UFB…

Who is still selling it solo for the TE2+?

The only alternative is plucking the UFB off Gummo’s board, moving it lower and running some IDC cables to it. I’d need male to female IDC 2.54mm pitch cables AFAIK. Has anyone else done this?

I could also get some male to male couplers and buy female IDC flat ribbon cables.

I’d rather buy JASEN’s board.


If you email arcade shock they will sell it separately


Can I move gummos board to a different area inside my stick?


You would have to create all new cables connecting the ezpz to the ufb. If you have the know how to do so then yes, you can.


I’m just going to move it over underneath the buttons. I couldn’t install an lvt3 or anything like that (I think), but I’d at least have room for a magenta. I’ll have to splice in longer wires (11 of them) but it will work.

Good times.

Thanks for responding sir.