The Official TE2, TE2+, TES+, PANTHERA EZ MOD Thread


I just put Jasen’s TE2 board into my xbone KI TE2. Everything is working except for the LED board. They’re totally off. The stock aux panel had a function to toggle them on and off, but I currently have that button mapped to turbo via the jumper on the EZ Mod. Is there something I’m missing? How do I turn my LEDs back on?


The Brook UFB doesn’t have any haptic support like the stock MCZ Board nor does it have a dataline for controlling the LEDs. The stock MCZ Board has a dedicated data line from the processor to the 3 pin connector as well as power and gnd to turn the LEDs on. The EZ MOD doesn’t have a dataline because the Brook UFB doesn’t have a dataline for this feature. Let me investigate the stock MCZ LED board a bit more and see if I can find a work around to turn them on.


Thanks Jasen. I thought the LEDs would just be turned on at max brightness by default.


That’s what I thought too, though it seems like the data line is required to trigger them in some way. It might be a simple “mod” to the third wire to a power point on the brook UFB like VCC screw terminal, but let me do some research with my resident LED expert over at Paradise Arcade Shop :slight_smile:


@Megahurtz - so based on some initial looks. I think the middle pin on the 3 pin connector that is on the EZMOD that the light board attaches to needs to be pulled high to +5V to activate the transistors on the LED board which in turn open current flow to the LEDs. You can do this non-destructively to test by using a metal paper clip to short the middle pin and the pin closest to the START/SELECT connector. If that works then you can do it permanently by tying those two wires together.


Worst case, you could upgrade to a LVT3 and then do a lot of cool stuff with the LEDs including adding patterns, colors, etc. Here’s the link (though I thought @armi0024 said it was instock):


I jumped the middle pin and the pin closest to the start/select header with a short bit of wire. Plugged it in and the LEDs fired right up :smile:

Now I need to turn it into a more permanent connection. My wire already fell out!


Perfect, glad it worked. I think a more permanent version would be to either bridge the solder points underneath the EZ MOD or to clip the wires on those pins and solder/crimp them all together. Either way, glad it worked. I will update the top posting!


Shoryuken and iPlayWinner did a couple nice articles on the TE2+ EZ MOD! Check them out below! compliments of @d3v compliments of @ThePhantomNaut




Player 4 LED is always lit due to a software bug we found and fixed compliments of @Feargus001100 (thanks Copy and Paste)! If you received your EZ MOD from ArcadeShock or ParadiseArcadeShop and find that the Player 4 LED on your XBOX 360 Version TE2 is always ON please contact me for a fix! If you received your TE2 AFTER 7/1/2016, and it SHIPPED AFTER 7/1/16 you are NOT affected and it should be fine.

If you have any PS4 or XBONE variant there is NO NEED to get this remedied as it doesn’t affect performance in any possible way.

** Thanks! **


TE2 EZ MOD Update:

I updated all of ArcadeShock’s boards on Friday and managed to have my water pump go out in my car during LA rush hour traffic which resulted in a $400 tow home; not a great way to drop $400 but I suppose that’s the price you pay to ensure your products are getting updated quickly and out to the community who needs them. Paradise Arcade Shop has the update file and is updating their inventory since Minnesota isn’t quite as close as LA. This means every board going out now are 100% functional with the 360 version of the TE2.

TE2+ EZ MOD Update:

Nothing better than just showing a picture. I really want to sell out at EVO, but in the off chance I don’t I will open up some orders directly for about a week. After that, I am exploring options to make these available via other outlets but nothing is confirmed yet.


Want to know how much with installation will cost me for the TE2 EZ Mod at Evo?


I’ll have prices posted up at the event. Thanks!


Ok & I take it you’ll be up & running at 8 am?


I will be. In fact I’ll be in Thursday evening doing setup so I’ll be ready to go first thing.


I asked before, but I’ll ask again… anyone attending EVO want to hook me up with an EZ Mod for the TE2+? :slight_smile:


I added the remaining stock of EZ MODs for the TE2+ to my FB shop for those who need one. International persons, just PM me since FB shops only work for the US :slight_smile:



If you got the EZ MOD for the TE2+ you will find that there isn’t a (Y)ellow wire from the USB. Just two black, a Red, White, and Green. Put the second black wire into the Y port. That’s the shield ground and the ground plane is common on the EZ MOD. No big deal where you plug either into as long as the two blacks go in the (B) and (Y) port on the EZ MOD Screw terminals.


Picked up some Hori Silent Hayabusa levers from EVO, @“Jasen Hicks” is it okay to connect the Hayabusa’s power wire directly to the J3 screw terminal for VCC on the Brook UFB?



Yes, 100%.



I installed the te2+ ez mod and everything works great but the player led is always on for player 3. What did I do wrong?