The Official TE2, TE2+, TES+, PANTHERA EZ MOD Thread


Sorry, I’m new to this, just need to know how to get stiff responsive buttons.


Please use the search function of the forums. There are hundreds of discussions on personal preference on buttons and levers.


Just buy a button that is physically stiffer to push.

In general Seimitsu buttons are stiffer than Sanwa.


Thanks :smiley:


get seimitsu buttons.


or Sanwa RGs


Can you use a Neutrik USB port instead of the stock Pro Cable port?

My other question is that does the Left Stick/Right Stick/D-Pad function still work?


Sure. You just need to mod the case to make it fit and forgo the USB connectors on the EZ MOD.

For the TE2+ version, yes, the LS/RS/DP switch works.


Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask but is there a way to have the LS/RS/DP switch work on the old T.E.2 with the EZMOD pcb?


No, it would require a redesign of the board. I chose to not implement that in favor of setable buttons for the various other buttons on the UFB.


Oh I see, well thanks for the help.




DOUBLE POST fo-giv-a-nes prease!!!

Been doing a lot of house keeping on SRK the last few weeks; Cleaning up my [WTT/WTB TO thread](WTT: Lots of sticks / parts / & misc’s added | WTB: MAS and Diamond VLX arcadesticks Finding new homes for some sticks that never really felt right in my Tony Robbins’ banana hands, Organizing the trunk of funk that is my storage locker/parts bin, And now finally trying to wrap up some builds that were perpetually stuck at 75% complete.

So here’s my attempt to make a MadCatz TE2 SE



[list][] MadCatz XBox 360 TE2 shell from a local trade
] @“Jasen Hicks” 's TE2 EZ MOD kit
[] @armi0024 & @SusanInParadise 's presoldered headers Brook UFB PCB ( I just removed the plastic guide on the J5 pins so that the EZ MOD and UFB would play nice together )
] @armi0024 & @SusanInParadise 's PAS Universal S Adapter Plate
[] @mdsfx MadCatz TE2 red bezel
] Seimitsu LS-38 SC lever from @Needlecrash
[] Seimitsu LB-35 red ball top from @hibachifinal
] Seimitsu PS-14-GN-C colored rims from @hashrate
[] Seimitsu PS-14-GN-C black plungers & rims from @slaycruz
] Seimitsu PS-14-DN-C colored rims from @TRIEU
[*] Seimitsu PS-14-DN-C black plungers from @“NiFTY NuGGET”


Nice LS-32 in that TE2


It’s actually a LS-38 but thanks nonetheless :smiley:


Just got the EZMOD board and having a little problem. The 2 buttons at the top doesn’t seem to work. Was also wondering what the PS3/PS4 switch does.


Did you install the jumpers on the headers to set them to a function? If you didn’t they won’t do anything.


Do you mean the green and red * ? Then No I didn’t but can you explain on how to install the jumpers? I’m completely new to modding.


Please watch the video for the mod, I explain where to install the little plastic jumpers in there. its not hard, you just install them by putting them on a set of pins so that the buttons behave as you want them to.


You mean the J8 & J4? I thought you meant I had to connect JP4/JP5 to something. I have J4 and J8 connected and the turbo functions don’t seem to work.