The Official Team Building Thread


Any questions about how you should create your team or anything else to do with team creations go here.


Doesn’t seem so official


Still trying to figure out my team for sure, but it looks like it’ll be Hwoarang/Abel, but I’m not sure of the order.

I think Hwoarang does better with meter for longer combos, but the only meter-building gem setup I could consistently with Abel is using the Cross Gauge gems based off connecting with specials. I can use less meter with Abel, mostly using EX change of direction to beat pokes.

I guess my questions are: If order is important, which character should be taking point? Then, how do I maximize gems to support each of them in their position?


I’m trying to get someone to fit with King. I’m thinking Kazuya, Akuma or Sagat - not sure though.


I made a thread identical to this one, a few hours ago…-> Team Combinations Thread (what's your team?)

It’s on page ONE of the sub-forum. Perhaps a search is in order?


There are way too many interesting characters in this game. I am drawn to the Tekken cast as I have been more of an SF player and find the movesets interesting.
I played Raven, Feng Wei, Bryan and Nina in T5 (just because the characters were interesting & was beginning to learn King & Julia). still haven’t played 6, as I have yet to buy that and KOF13.
I definitely like Raven, (fuck tiers and tears), am waiting for Guy & Bryan, messing around with Nina, Kazuya, Julia and King. Juri is interesting to me, as she is the first Korean SF character. What would Hwoar & Juri be like? That’s now Team Korea.
My initial thought was to run Guy and Ibuki. Maybe I’ll work on Raven & Ibuki.
Brainstorming Team Vortex (Akuma & Ibuki);Nina & Cammy.

Too many choices!!! Perhaps I’ll do the Mad Hatter and pick them randomly…


My main team is Sagat/King
I think they work pretty well together.


Right now, I’m working a bit of a four person rotation between Juri (my main), Cammy, Lili and Julia. Out of those, I’m running Juri/Cammy as my main team and Juri/Lili as my secondary (while playing with Cammy/Lili and Juri/Julia as well), with my end goal being to make Juri/Lili my main team soon.

Juri/Cammy works well for me right now since I don’t use much meter for Juri (when I play her right), letting her act as a battery for Cammy. Juri’s also a great teammate to get others in without having to use boost chains, so that is a plus in the damage department. I have Juri in front primarily because she is my best character, but also to establish the pace and try to frustrate my opponent with her zoning, force them into a bad jump or other mistake, hit a damaging tag combo and then stay in their face with Cammy off the switch. Another plus is that while Juri has some decent execution barriers, overall the team has pretty easy execution. When I eff up, 90% of the time it’s me dropping combos all over the floor, interweb lagging aside.

The drawback, of course, is health. And my main problem is I keep forgetting that I’m supposed to zone with my Juri :sweat:, and only rush down if I’m very confident I won’t lose my pressure. (My footsies need major help as well, so there is that lol)

If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s that the team does feel very linear. I feel like I’m missing out on some devious mixups that I can get with the Tekken side of the cast… thus, I’m hoping to make Juri/Lili my main team in the near future.

I’m still working on what my gameplan is with Juri/Lili, though it’s really similar to Juri/Cammy right now, just with added mixups and frame traps and shenanigans from Lili mixed in. My Lili is ass right now, but I’m spending more time in the lab with her and my lead-off characters this week and trying to tighten up execution and optimize things.

Julia’s just a fun option for me from time to time. Because I fuggin :lovin: Julia.


Go for the heavy hitters man.


My team right now is Chun Li / Jin. I picked these two a day ago but Im comfortable using Chun cuz she’s my main in AE. Jin is a good character and I have him as the anchor of my team even though people say he’s better on point. This team have good synergy and using Chun is helping me work on my footsie game cuz it’s trash lol. When Im in the lab I tend to work with jin more because he requires a good execution with his combos. I also work with mental awareness canceling into powerstance combos and also special step. I work on tag combos with both characters but mainly Chun because Jin is who im looking for when It comes to damage. Chun role for my team is to build meter with her zoning game and also mixup’s with pokes for tag in. Jin role is to bring that damage and also mixup my opponent.

Some things I hate is that Chun doesn’t have a good reversal. SBK is…eh but usually gets stuffed. Also she can’t handle pressure. Also, she need some more damage. Either than that Im fine with the way Chun is. I love her and she’s always been my favorite street fighter character. Plus DEM THIGHS!:lovin:

As for Jin I think he’s a solid character. I love his mixup game and has good damage. Hate that the range on some of his normals is…eh lol. Either than that I think he’s good and pairs well with most of the cast.

I believe this is gonna be my main team from now on and Im having fun most importantly learning. Losing don’t even get to me because I know it’s a growing process.

Im looking to learn some more characters in the future. Some other teams I play on the side is Yoshimitsu / Julia, Raven / Asuka, and Julia / Abel.


Well, while I’m here: anyone have any general team-building thoughts or suggestions they want to add in? This could be a good place to start outlining the how’s and why’s of putting certain characters on point or as anchor, and all that intricate jazz.

I can’t! Every time I go for a heavy hitter, I miss my speedy, low-health girls!

In all seriousness, I play Kuma, King and Bob every once in a blue moon but I’m horrible widd’em. Akuma’s on my list as the only SF shoto not named Sakura (I assume she still counts as a shoto) that I’ll play, while Vega and Jin are on my long list of “someday” characters.


Lol I know how you feel about using female characters. I don’t know what it is I just gotta use a female character. It’s been like that since I started playing CvS2 on dreamcast in 01. But yeah… maybe using a heavy hitter with your Juri or Lili would benefit you. To the point where you won’t be worrying about health all the time. Maybe like Juri and Law since Law pairs well with like everyone lol. Maybe Juri & Kazuya. FUCK HUGO! That character is for only going nuts with from what I see lol. I would recommend Steve cuz he’s damage is STUPID! but I don’t know if he’s good with Juri since I never played her


Lmao, same here, I played Chun-li and Ken in pretty much any game they were in, then over time drifted more to the females in every game. I still play some dudes - love me some Lei and Feng Wei, forever a Shuma fan… wait, Shuma does count as male right?

Anyway… yah, girls, girls, girls girls. Especially the bad-ass ones.

Oh I’m pretty much settled on my main rotation, I fully accept my health penalty. XD I was really saying that more as far as general for anyone else that may need help building their team. Although you make a good point, and both Kaz and Law are good suggestions (and characters I did consider).


Cammy seems stupid easy to use, or perhaps it’s just the decades of SF play. Ibuki has some execution barriers, thus I’ve sidelined that idea.
I’m currently thinking Raven, Kazuya, Nina & Julia on the Tekken side. Gouki is automatic for me, Cammy has some great tools, haven’t messed with Juri in this game yet. She’s next in the dojo & I’ll probably throw in Rang as well. Guy & Bryan cannot be released soon enough!!!

I keep thinking Ryu/Sagat simply for the Dragon vs Tiger theme, yet they’d be working in tandem instead of their eternal battle. Gouki/Ryu for the whole ChiaroScuro aesthetic that I personify… :badboy: I’m just trying not to go Shoto. Too many damn Shoto-clones, savvy?

I’d definitely appreciate any constructive feedback… :wonder:


Whenever I face Cammy and I get jab pressured I just start laughing. IDK why but I find it funny because I literally just sit there and block like a trained dog or some shit lol. Raven is pretty kool…I used him with Asuka and his’s mixups are good. I mean who doesn’t like ninja’s that teleport lol. Kazuya is a freakin heavy hitter. His damage off combos is amazing and I really don’t believe you need any type of power gems for him. So that team would be pretty good.

Can’t help you with Nina because I tried to play her but I wasn’t feeling her. Julia though is pretty good. Nice mixups and her is a good poking tool. Plus she has good damage and health isn’t too much of a issue for her since it’s 1000 which is above average health for a female character.

Akuma…DAT HEALTH! Smh fucking sad but I like him. Haven’t mess with him yet but from what I see he’s kool.

Juri seems to be a fan favorite in this game but I have no idea how to play her. I hear execution play’s a factor with her. From what I’ve seen her zoning and mixup’s are good.

Ryu I try to stay away from cuz eversince SSF4 I been annoyed just looking at him. Sagat I wish I can drop some knowledge but I don’t see this character too much.

I think you should give that Raven and Kazuya team a run. Those two are pretty damn good IMO. Hope my advice helped in some way.


Juri does have some execution barriers to account for, especially to get to her better damage and better frame traps (I’m still not there yet), but it’s not crazy hard to get started. She gets whatever she wants off all sorts of AAs though, so combined with her projectiles and overall decently-ranged normals, she can control space pretty well.

She also makes a good teammate because she has so many ways to get her teammate in. When she’s out front with low life, I never feel like I’m lacking in ways to get her out of there.

*Juri Fanboy Sidenote: * Been playing her since she arrived in Super (though I still “mained” Rose until AE), so I’m more than partial to her. IMO, she’s one of the best FG character designs I’ve seen in years least, both appearance-wise and in regards to her play style.

Cammy is pretty easy, straight-forward. I think that’s what helps make her a good teammate as well, although for her better damage and tricks, she can start running through meter easily.

And I seriously think Akuma should not have that health deficit in this game lol. But ah well, dat raging demon tax. XD


Definitely helpful. Kaz/Raven is in the works, thanks. Nina is very poke oriented, as she is in Tekken, but she has great juggle tools(no puns intended :badboy:) and she can dish out damage . Not sure about her mix ups though. Julia seems beast to me. That 1-frame start up SA will be vicious!!! Juri is definitely sick, as well as somewhat transferable to AE.
From my early observations it seems the Tekken cast lacks reliable AAs to deal with CrossUps from SF cast.
Gouki’s health is an issue, thus you can’t make mistakes with him. I haven’t messed with Asuka yet, but her mix-ups in T5 were crazy. Seems like you have to have a projectile character, as both Grand Finalists at WGC used Ryu. Not sure what EVO will bring.
No other way than to test theories and practice…

Gouki will always have a health deficit. He’s got too many options and tools.


Oh alright. Ima hit the lab with her later today and If im getting a good vibe from her she’ll be my sub for Chun. I’ll be looking up tech for her and If I got any questions I’ll get your input and other people on some things. Yeah Juri is a pretty awsome looking character…Im usually not into pycho chicks but I’ll let her slide lol.

Glad my advice had some use. Thanks for shedding some light on Nina. TBH I wish some of these characters would be played more. One thing I notice from the leaderboards is as players rank up they basically used the same characters like Ryu / Kayuza…basically the more powerful characters. I guess It’s less work on them or maybe they have that whatever It takes to win mentality. Akuma should be played smart but man Capcom really have something against him lol. Maybe your right cuz he does have alot of tricks up his sleeve. Asuka is bad when It comes to playing footsies but with counter she’ll have her opponents scared to just throw random shit out. I remember this one match I had against a Vega player and I use counter so wisely that he was mindfucked. His plan of just poking me to death went into the trash and It was pretty much easy for me after that.


I feel one of the strongest teams is Zangief/Ryu, Zangief does well against so many of the Tekken cast, doesn’t need meter to spend, has high health and a scary metagame. Especially for people like Kazuya, Steve, Heihachi, Lili, King, Kuma, Bob, Law, Marduk and Asuka, who in my opinion, don’t out footsie him. Furthermore, he can safely tag in Ryu off well timed Lariats, which lead into a decent amount of damage for Ryu. Also, Ryu will then gain all of the meter Zangief built, and we all know how much damage Ryu can do. Furthermore, when Ryu has two bars of meter, DON’T JUMP. EX SRK into Lariat does a stupid amount of damage. My gimmicky tip: When you EX SRK and then tag, Zangief can hit people out of the SRK and get a free SPD, if they’re asleep.
The one weakness this side has is Zangief’s matchups against the more popular Street Fighter characters, Balrog, M.Bison, Ryu, Akuma, Sagat, Chun Li, Juri, Rolento and Dhalsim can be very hard to fight. And Ryu, can go even with the majority of them, barring his obvious one bad matchup. Although, it seems Juri is harder to fight?!

I play Lili without spending much meter, as I feel Ryu can do more with it. But Lili compliments Ryu so well. She possesses some of THE best anti airs, which lead into a conservative amount of damage, has some really trick frame traps; a la Ryu, her counters are great for conditioning people to empty jump…into Andante, and once you get a good read on your opponents habits, you can then use her counters to make them scared. Also, she does well against Sim, and we all know how much Ryu likes Sim. :stuck_out_tongue: The greatest weakness of this side is its comeback ability, as you have to play solid with both characters, although Lili has one gimmick; people still don’t know to block her Sunflower Lance standing. But outside of that, there is no real gimmick to this team.


Does anyone else use Chun/Cammy? I think it’s a pretty solid team, but it gets boring after one or two matches.