The Official Team Building Thread


Definitely helpful. Kaz/Raven is in the works, thanks. Nina is very poke oriented, as she is in Tekken, but she has great juggle tools(no puns intended :badboy:) and she can dish out damage . Not sure about her mix ups though. Julia seems beast to me. That 1-frame start up SA will be vicious!!! Juri is definitely sick, as well as somewhat transferable to AE.
From my early observations it seems the Tekken cast lacks reliable AAs to deal with CrossUps from SF cast.
Gouki’s health is an issue, thus you can’t make mistakes with him. I haven’t messed with Asuka yet, but her mix-ups in T5 were crazy. Seems like you have to have a projectile character, as both Grand Finalists at WGC used Ryu. Not sure what EVO will bring.
No other way than to test theories and practice…

Gouki will always have a health deficit. He’s got too many options and tools.


Oh alright. Ima hit the lab with her later today and If im getting a good vibe from her she’ll be my sub for Chun. I’ll be looking up tech for her and If I got any questions I’ll get your input and other people on some things. Yeah Juri is a pretty awsome looking character…Im usually not into pycho chicks but I’ll let her slide lol.

Glad my advice had some use. Thanks for shedding some light on Nina. TBH I wish some of these characters would be played more. One thing I notice from the leaderboards is as players rank up they basically used the same characters like Ryu / Kayuza…basically the more powerful characters. I guess It’s less work on them or maybe they have that whatever It takes to win mentality. Akuma should be played smart but man Capcom really have something against him lol. Maybe your right cuz he does have alot of tricks up his sleeve. Asuka is bad when It comes to playing footsies but with counter she’ll have her opponents scared to just throw random shit out. I remember this one match I had against a Vega player and I use counter so wisely that he was mindfucked. His plan of just poking me to death went into the trash and It was pretty much easy for me after that.


I feel one of the strongest teams is Zangief/Ryu, Zangief does well against so many of the Tekken cast, doesn’t need meter to spend, has high health and a scary metagame. Especially for people like Kazuya, Steve, Heihachi, Lili, King, Kuma, Bob, Law, Marduk and Asuka, who in my opinion, don’t out footsie him. Furthermore, he can safely tag in Ryu off well timed Lariats, which lead into a decent amount of damage for Ryu. Also, Ryu will then gain all of the meter Zangief built, and we all know how much damage Ryu can do. Furthermore, when Ryu has two bars of meter, DON’T JUMP. EX SRK into Lariat does a stupid amount of damage. My gimmicky tip: When you EX SRK and then tag, Zangief can hit people out of the SRK and get a free SPD, if they’re asleep.
The one weakness this side has is Zangief’s matchups against the more popular Street Fighter characters, Balrog, M.Bison, Ryu, Akuma, Sagat, Chun Li, Juri, Rolento and Dhalsim can be very hard to fight. And Ryu, can go even with the majority of them, barring his obvious one bad matchup. Although, it seems Juri is harder to fight?!

I play Lili without spending much meter, as I feel Ryu can do more with it. But Lili compliments Ryu so well. She possesses some of THE best anti airs, which lead into a conservative amount of damage, has some really trick frame traps; a la Ryu, her counters are great for conditioning people to empty jump…into Andante, and once you get a good read on your opponents habits, you can then use her counters to make them scared. Also, she does well against Sim, and we all know how much Ryu likes Sim. :stuck_out_tongue: The greatest weakness of this side is its comeback ability, as you have to play solid with both characters, although Lili has one gimmick; people still don’t know to block her Sunflower Lance standing. But outside of that, there is no real gimmick to this team.


Does anyone else use Chun/Cammy? I think it’s a pretty solid team, but it gets boring after one or two matches.


Dammit don’t tell people that! :razzy:

In all seriousness, I agree about Gief, for sure. I need to work on that matchup - even with Juri I have trouble against good Giefs, but that’s largely impatience on my part… one wrong extended limb and that magical SPD will grab me, lol. I need to turn the game into Gradius when playing Gief.

Personally I play Lili as anchor most times, but I’m somehow still conservative with meter when I use her.


I have trouble with all the SF4 matchups. :stuck_out_tongue:
Probably because I suck at SF4! Check the Juri SF4 forum to see just how free that match is. :slight_smile:
Sorry for exposing our fellow Lili secrets, and people should stop jumping AT HER! :stuck_out_tongue:


Man, I’ve really got to step my Lili game up. Her AAs are the stuff of legends (well really Andante), yet I’m still uncertain of the timing for some jump-ins and end up doing it too late, lol. Granted, this is all online but still! Going to make a point of practicing with her much more, and getting my execution with her on point. I really want Lili to work as my go-to anchor for Cammy and Juri.

What sucks though, is that I still have too much fun with Juri/Cammy lol. It sometimes keeps me from playing Lili as much as I should. :sweat:


I thought about trying that team myself, as I would like to get better with Chun for the heck of it. I feel bad that I haven’t played her seriously since 3s… but I didn’t care for her SF4 incarnation’s playstyle.

She feels more fun to play in this game so far though.

Hmm… what makes it feel boring though? I have that moment sometimes with Juri/Cammy - I generally hit the lab and try to find more interesting things to add spice to the team.


Andante is what Ryu wish he had! But I love going for the counter, just to mess with their minds. As you know people like to jump in with their feet and arms! Treat it like a SRK, you want to hit them when they’re deep from their jump arc. It’s really easy when you practice, which, according to you, you don’t do enough! :stuck_out_tongue:
Is Cammy really that fun? I just started to use Juri, and I have to say, she is quite a powerful character. Similar to Lili in regards to anti airs, but I find her pressure to be better.
Lili isn’t so hard in terms of execution, although her link into Cr.Hp can be troublesome, but well worth the effort. Just practice more!


It might be because I used Chun and Cammy in SF4, but their combos feel a bit repetitive. You can’t create many interesting combos with them, which is one of the most enjoyable aspects of this game imo. Juri, on the other hand, is a combo master so I can see why she is more fun to pair up with Cammy.

I have never thought of using Lili’s counter as an AA, I always go for her df hk. (idk what it’s called. Is it the Andante you are talking about? :P) It doesn’t work very well against cross-ups, though.


I did this once…it’s in Poison’s Character thread…not doing it again…long winded…too much text, yada yada, just use characters like and go from there…ask people who use similar teams or whatever to see what they use and see if it can transfer over…more or less get your feet wet.


Ah, I see what you mean. And indeed, Juri gives you so many things to do… it’s fun just playing with all her different tools and seeing what you can get from them. :slight_smile:

Also, I’m finding myself constantly reminded the hard way that there is no one AA to handle everything, lol. And indeed, that is exactly where her counter comes in. >:]

One thing I am noticing about my teams and main char rotation… they are damn good at AA’ing, lol.


Been messing around with Juri/Hugo, Juri/Abel, Juri/Ryu, Ryu/Juri, Juri/Hwaorang (and then Ryu/all of those) but just couldn’t find anything that felt quite right. Against what I consider to be logic, I’ve found putting Hugo on point to be okay. Yes he struggles with zoners or really good rushdown but having him out first (and with life gems) has meant he often heals quite a bit of the damage he’s suffered. The thing I’ve been liking about Hugo tagging into Juri instead of the other way around is that I get to end combos with C.HP jump cancel stuff, which is huge damage and I find much easier to follow up with after than Hugo’s anything into backbreaker. Hugo’s pressure, or rather, my ability to pressure with him isn’t great in this game because of rolls, bad mobility, all the bajillion reversal options. With Juri’s speed I am much better able to punish rolls/bad wakeup, etc. Plus this way I’m able to start combos with crossup splash more often, and that move is dumb.

I’m still garbage, but I’ve been doing better than my normal garbage play and I’m having more fun, which is really the point.


I was running a combo of Akuma/Ryu/Paul recently, now I have Akuma x Heihachi. Not sure if they work well together but I saw some vids with amazing combos and setups. I’ll probably run back to Paul once he gets some buffs.


Heihachi is the good version of Paul just stick with him.

BTW your team is pretty damn solid.


This sounds like something I’m not going to enjoy playing against lol.


Yo roknin if u like girl chars with no health xio is always there lol

And akuma heihachi sounds really good


Actually she was one of the chars I tried to play! I still may down the line as I want to at least learn the basics of a lot of chars… I just really have a hard time with the loop for some reason. :frowning:


Yes gief is a problem for lili. That’s why i have ken.
My team is Money inc Ken and Lili
This team has great synergy.
It seems i’m always pushing the envelope of this teams limits.
When i play this team i’m in it to kill and style on you.
most of my huge damage comes in team cancel combos that can range from 40%-64% damage.
I always put lili in second because when she has meter she hurts. She can do so much damage and i’ve learned to omptimize it and make it practical as well.
Lili has great footsies and frametraps that you can really condition your opponent as you mentioned. I love her counter. Sometimes i get in the grill of a shoto’s face and just dare them to srk me and counter them. It even counters ex moves and does a whopping 180 damage.
I’ve yet to show all my stuff and want to keep all the flashy stuff for tourney streams in the future even if the game is not as popular. If you want to ask me anything about lili and what she brings to the table ask us at the lili boards. Lots of info there.

Now the real magic of the team is not all lili but her partner in crime ken. Ken is no ryu but he is by far one of the best set up characters in the game. Everything he does sets up for more damage. srk into lili with this team usually ends up with a over 40% combo. The ken ground tatsu is where all the magic happens. That stuff sets up for a one meter tc near 50% combo and can do more damage if i choose to super arts. Ken counters all of lili’s bad match-ups. He has a dp. He has a projectile. He sets up into huge damage for lili to finish. Playing this team is rewarding as it isn’t too tier abusing but its viable enough to work very well against most if not all teams.


Your SRK tag into Lili combo, what is it? And would it be possible with Ryu? As I guess you tag off the last hit of the SRK?
I find Ken to be the Evil Ryu of this game. IE, true one frame link into St.Hp of a EX Tatsu, and another one frame link in St.Lp in St.Hp in order to get his max damage. Also, Any tag in off Ken’s Tatsu is ridiculous! He also makes a great partner for Nina.
For baller status and swag, it’s great to counter a Kazuya who’s spamming out WGF/EWGF, especially on wakeup!


Lili does well with a dp character. I like ken because of his muti hit srk and tatsu.
Some usual ones.
Srk>tc>Angel knee>cr.hp>ex feisty rabbit> rabbit thorn>f.mkxf.hp chain combo (it’s peacock waltz)
srk>tc> jf.mpx.jf.hp chain combo> peacock waltz
The first one is a guaranteed 50% combo with two meters.
The second combo is 47%-50% on what moves i do before the ken srk.

My fave one to do with ken and lili is
jump tatsu>> hk tatsu> Tc>>st.hp>launcher>st.hp. fp. srk with ken. In some cases if i have two meters i can go into super arts which range from 58% damage to 62%. That depends on if i get a jump in.

If you really wanna swag on people just do feisty rabbit on the first combo with lili and ryu. She can do it two times in total after the tc from his srk. I like ending with peacock waltz because lili can always juggle off it to finish her combos and add some extra damage.