The Official Team Building Thread


Yo roknin if u like girl chars with no health xio is always there lol

And akuma heihachi sounds really good


Actually she was one of the chars I tried to play! I still may down the line as I want to at least learn the basics of a lot of chars… I just really have a hard time with the loop for some reason. :frowning:


Yes gief is a problem for lili. That’s why i have ken.
My team is Money inc Ken and Lili
This team has great synergy.
It seems i’m always pushing the envelope of this teams limits.
When i play this team i’m in it to kill and style on you.
most of my huge damage comes in team cancel combos that can range from 40%-64% damage.
I always put lili in second because when she has meter she hurts. She can do so much damage and i’ve learned to omptimize it and make it practical as well.
Lili has great footsies and frametraps that you can really condition your opponent as you mentioned. I love her counter. Sometimes i get in the grill of a shoto’s face and just dare them to srk me and counter them. It even counters ex moves and does a whopping 180 damage.
I’ve yet to show all my stuff and want to keep all the flashy stuff for tourney streams in the future even if the game is not as popular. If you want to ask me anything about lili and what she brings to the table ask us at the lili boards. Lots of info there.

Now the real magic of the team is not all lili but her partner in crime ken. Ken is no ryu but he is by far one of the best set up characters in the game. Everything he does sets up for more damage. srk into lili with this team usually ends up with a over 40% combo. The ken ground tatsu is where all the magic happens. That stuff sets up for a one meter tc near 50% combo and can do more damage if i choose to super arts. Ken counters all of lili’s bad match-ups. He has a dp. He has a projectile. He sets up into huge damage for lili to finish. Playing this team is rewarding as it isn’t too tier abusing but its viable enough to work very well against most if not all teams.


Your SRK tag into Lili combo, what is it? And would it be possible with Ryu? As I guess you tag off the last hit of the SRK?
I find Ken to be the Evil Ryu of this game. IE, true one frame link into St.Hp of a EX Tatsu, and another one frame link in St.Lp in St.Hp in order to get his max damage. Also, Any tag in off Ken’s Tatsu is ridiculous! He also makes a great partner for Nina.
For baller status and swag, it’s great to counter a Kazuya who’s spamming out WGF/EWGF, especially on wakeup!


Lili does well with a dp character. I like ken because of his muti hit srk and tatsu.
Some usual ones.
Srk>tc>Angel knee>cr.hp>ex feisty rabbit> rabbit thorn>f.mkxf.hp chain combo (it’s peacock waltz)
srk>tc> jf.mpx.jf.hp chain combo> peacock waltz
The first one is a guaranteed 50% combo with two meters.
The second combo is 47%-50% on what moves i do before the ken srk.

My fave one to do with ken and lili is
jump tatsu>> hk tatsu> Tc>>st.hp>launcher>st.hp. fp. srk with ken. In some cases if i have two meters i can go into super arts which range from 58% damage to 62%. That depends on if i get a jump in.

If you really wanna swag on people just do feisty rabbit on the first combo with lili and ryu. She can do it two times in total after the tc from his srk. I like ending with peacock waltz because lili can always juggle off it to finish her combos and add some extra damage.


Now it’s time to practice said combos! If you ever run into a Lili doing the EXACT same thing as you, you know it’s me. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:


I’m liking Hwo, and have used him with Nina. I don’t have keep away options with them though. I am learning Raven, Julia, and King.
I think I am going to try to use Team Vortex, and also mess around with Guile/Cammy.
Too many damn characters. So many use SF teams that I am drawn to Tekken characters.
How the hell do you guys settle on one Team?


I can’t settle on one team, that’s part of my problem. :razzy:

Love Juri/Cammy but I’ve been trying to move on to a Tekken character for a while now. Juri/Lili is the closest I’ve gotten, and I fell in love with Law and Abel recently too. Juri/Law does good, easy damage, but my problem is when Law has to be in… well, my Law is ass lol.

That said, I’m still looking to play with more characters. Kuma’s still on my list to play more, and I think I may go back to Juri/Julia soon too. Just going to keep playing different characters with the knowledge that I can always go back to Juri/Cammy if I feel completely outclassed. XD


Kuma/Paul for be troll team. People get confused by dem mixups!


Im using Hoawrang/nina myself now. I have shuffled through like 4 teams already lol.


I’m playing Hwoarang/Julia now, in anticipation of Raven nerfs. The damage and corner carry Julia adds to combos is really good, almost as good as Raven’s, and her mix-ups and pressure are stronger. I would say it’s quite a good substitution.


I was just thinking of trying Raven/Hwo.
How do you deal with Projectiles using Hwo/Julia?


Special Step with Hwo, or his hunting hawk.


Yeah, both those moves handle projectiles really well. Julia struggles a bit more, but if she can get into 2MK range with 1 bar, she can do 2MK-2HP xx 214[PP] > 66MP and then just start her pressure game. I would say the team’s hardest match-ups are characters like Chun-Li and Dhalsim, who have really good normal moves and backdashes, but I think the huge momentum you get from landing any hit makes up for the disadvantages.


I do like Julia, but WTF?! So many damn choices. AE was simpler in that regard.

Seriously, it’s great to have so many characters to choose from, but Damn is it hard to pick a Main team.
I think I am going to go Team Vortex until I can unleash Team Shinobi.

hey Thancruz, get a damn avatar already !!! :smiley: LOL


Been playing Sagat/Kazuya since day one. Love the synergy, the damage potential, how they compliment one another and they have similar poses and quotes so thats an added bonus.


I’m rolling Bison and Ibuki atm. I have fun with it. :smiley:


Thoughts on Akuma x Dhalsim??? I like using Heihachi but I’ve never really mained 'Sim. Kind of feel like this is the game where I finally use him…


You will destroy grapplers for free. Watch out for Juri and Rufus. Maybe Raven too.

Your team does average damage but you dominate the neutral game.


I’ve been playing with Julia & Bison for about 2 months now and having some success. Fun team that does a lot of damage, but the not flashiest (neither are big combo extenders…that i’ve discovered yet)