***THE OFFICIAL : Team YJDK*** monterey park posse thread

just wanna say GG’s tonight to those who came down and hope we can have more good games in the future. anyone thats not a puto is allowed here and subject to the lucrative membership to TEAM YJDK!!!

taking applications and handing out frequent ass whoopins!!!

are you sure you arent talking about YJDK?

Either way i would love to come out to play although i probably cant make it for a few weeks.

wtf you talking about? it is YJDK? :slight_smile:

i want in. 3s night only tho, sf4 sux.:smokin:

gonna be playing 3s with my secret team mate probably a month prior to evo and would appreciate you and some other good 3s players to come down for sure. holla!

don t forget big money rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroberto and hangbelivble who s getting his wedding on. YJDK how hype the YJDK crew is BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

where can i get an application?!?!?!

I’m down for some SF4 ass whuppin’s. I’m sure I can get Shirts motivated to go out there.

i just dont know :sad:

can i get a jersey?

u nice

the only thing i do know is that you bitches need to invest in new sticks!!

wondering if I’m cool enough because frankly ijdk

i live in mpk, though i’m probably not cool enough

ijdk how hype this is gonna be… can i get an invite to the cool club?

dentron’s is the only meetup i’ve been to… as of yet

he’s too nice

we the nicest and yall just dont know! but next gathering we get ill post up and if you aint a dick or a h0m0 i dont see an issue here.

crew list updated daily in 1st post!!

Can I join?

i hate sf4 and i like drinking

can i join

Can I get on this list? IJDK

hopefully ill be getting together a h2h japanese cabinet to use for xbox/ps3. if this works out well ill invite some guys over and we can have some good practice sessions with working equipment and no lag. whoot! anyways, ill keep yall informed.