The Official Tekkaman Blade Q&A Thread



We are going to need a place to put all the inevitable questions, so here it is.

To start us all off, just how feasible do you think T. Blades H/L mixup game is? You can use his vertical dash on wakeup and force them to guess j.A which you can then combo off of easily with a 2A, or dash, hit C (causing the dash to end and landing him instantly) then just go low.

His J.A easily chains into 5A 2A or 2B, and of course J.B easily chains into 5A, 2A or 2B.

Of course this works best if they don’t roll away. If they can just roll away on wakeup everytime then this is useless. I’m a complete novice at this game, so input is necessary.


is anyone else having trouble with the 2C out of the air then landing the spinning spear combo that bounces them off the wall
sorry for the name massacre, Im not even going to try to remember what his moves are called. its crazy


I’m sure my thread covered it but what you need to do is perfect your air string (5A, 5A, 5B, 5B) so that when you do your second 5B the opponent should be a little higher than you and then you can pull off a perfect jump 2C into C ~ Katzbalger. When you start the air combo, try to slow down a little with the 5Bs because that really ensures the accuracy of the full combo

Hope that helped


I did until I figured out the trick to it. The enemy has to be falling from a certain height and above in order to actually be hit by C Katzbalger.

The way I do it… do 3C, then hit out jAA jBB then jump cancel into 2C, hold 2, and then as you land[you’ll have to get the timing down for this, it’s a little sooner than you’d assume] hit 8C. With jAA and JBB chained together like that, it’ll make the enemy pop up just high enough in the air that it’ll work.

And while I’m here, I should ask a related question. After a wallbounce, what should I do? I know you can combo pretty much any super off of it, but anything else?


yah there is multiple ground combos after bounce you can do but i do 5B 3C j.B 236A “either air super”


I know it has been mentioned that using assists that cause your opponent to get hit upwards works best with T. Blade and his combos, but would Souki’s assist be applicable considering it pushes them away as well? It causes wall bounce too so, I was kinda hoping it would be. :stuck_out_tongue:


Soki’s assist causes wallbounce? really?


O: Hmm, I think that was crap mistake on my part lol. It pushes them up and against the wall but they just drop, which still makes it easy to juggle them. :sigh: If only his assist was his C version of the shoulder tackle minus the full screen push. That’s where I got mixed up I think. Regardless, it still puts them up at an angle and against the wall unable to guard for a sec, which makes me wonder how to implament it since I’m really crappy at these kinds of things. /:

Or pretty much just the basic question of “Has anyone been able to make sucess out of that team?” I’ve been having alot of luck with Soki on his own, same deal with T. Blade. Just trying to improve my Blade and implement assists since I never use them. /:


What are the best ways to combo into his Voltekka and Omnidirectional Super Voltekka(lets call this OSV from now on)?


thanx for the tips, i think i have it down solid now
and i think a combo ending in C ~ Katzbalger is the best way to combo voltekka and osv


Not sure if this fully answers your question, but outside of using assists it can combo from anything you can end with a j236A (which hits the opponent in the air).


im havin trouble with that hard© aerial normal move that stabs straight down. i can do it alone but when i try to do it in air combos he just does his normal aerial c. help?


You can’t combo directly into it from an air combo. You have to midair jump and then do it.

Also, to consistently combo into C ~ Katzbalger after the dj.2C, you have to hit with the topmost part of the hitbox. You want to be as low as possible under the opponent, as low as you can get without missing.


C ~ Katzbalger (charge down, up) and you’re pretty much set.


Just how safe is Crash Intrude if blocked? During a recent session I was abusing the crap out of it because nobody could properly punish on block. I’m curious if I just got lucky or if it is as safe as I think.


It’s definitely unsafe, but I’ve only been punished for it while I’m still in the air. I’m not positive (I lack a training partner usually, and capcom failed with training mode) but it seems safe once you hit the ground. If someone is able to actually test this accurately I would be interested in knowing for sure as well.


Not safe at all, but I’d like you to think about it in terms of SF4. When Rufus does his ultra and it’s blocked, he kind of goes back to a neutral state after the last hit but it’s really ambiguous to when it ends for people who haven’t seen it before.

The same applies to Crash Intrude. People who’ve seen it before know exactly how long it lasts and the right timing to punish, but Blade returns quickly to a neutral state just like Rufus so the person blocking needs to correctly time the punish.


Would 3c launcher combo into a level 1 voltekka? Or would it be better just to go for the aerial rave combo?
I was thinking Blade’s voltekka would work well with Viewtiful Joe’s Gun Cannon.


No, it doesn’t combo since they can block a few frames after. You also can’t aerial rave the voltekka so the best way to pull it off is from a C version Katzbalger. I don’t know if Joe’s Gun Cannon would combo with Voltekka as Voltekka sends the opponent up diagonally, but I suggest you to try it just to see.


@ Lord HDL thanx.