The Official Terrible Pun thread

						Carry on a relatively regular conversation in this  thread.....using nothing but bad puns.

opening topic:food**

creative topic switching is encouraged!

Now,Lettuce begin.

I think food may be too bread of a topic.


I think he mint to limit it to condiments, but heck, the mods might clove this thread soon.

I oat to come out of hiding for this.

The mods are cumin?


But we’ve barley had enough time to get started.

I’m gonna steak my claim now as the #1 fan of this thread. I don’t want any beef though, so I’m just gonna stock from here on out.

Yeah, they can’t close this thread. It’s pasta point of no return.



Please join in, we can’t curry this whole thread by ourselves.

At least there is no real hurry.There is plenty of time for people to ketchup if need be,don’t get all stressed out coming up with stuff that may or mayo not work with the thread.

I loaf this thread! Berry eggcited to see more terrible buns.

“Our suspect took himself hostage at a nearby Longhorn restaurant. Killed in the shootout.”

“Well, a life of crime was his choice. He knew…”

  • puts on shades *

“…the steaks.”


I was thinking about bacon something this weekend, but I’m not sure what.

Can’t really beet cookies, but whenever I make them, all kinds of random people turnip to eat them before I can enjoy them.


Where’s your chocolate covered nuts?

This is souper exciting. The thread was just lunched and already it’s getting a lot of good repies.


Mustard been a good idea then. I relish the thought of page after page of cheesy puns

Niggas baking bread and cookies? Roll yo ass out of here with that gay shit, thats on a knead to know basis, and that was definitely some shit I didnt need to know.

I was expecting a much more chili response. I can’t believe they’re not bitter.


Maybe you don’t meat the criteria of being a man comfortable enough to make your own cookies. Battering women and putting lox on your door isn’t a surefire way to keep a chick, but baked goods are a great way to squash any tension between you and a female.

I don’t think this thread has that mushroom left for all these corny ass jokes.

This thread is a-maize-ing. Its so nice to see everyone working together in perfect hominy.