The Official Thread of the London 2012 Olympics



When: July 27, 2012 to August 12, 2012

Where: London, Great Britain

Streams: Streaming/ (French version of CTV)

(If anyone finds any more, post it in this thread and I’ll update the OP)


[]Beach Volleyball
[]Canoe Slalom
]Canoe Sprint
[]Cycling - BMX
]Cycling - Mountain Bike
[]Cycling - Road
]Cycling - Track
[]Gymnastics - Artistic
]Gymnastics - Rhythmic
]Modern Pentathlon
[]Synchronised Swimming
]Table Tennis
]Water Polo
[LEFT]You can gohere for the event schedule.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Medal List[/LEFT]

Go here for a better format:

The list below shows the medals won and the total medals. The order is: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Total. ** Ranks are determined by the total number of medals**.

1. China6129
2. United States2327
3. Italy2226
4. Kazakhstan2002
5. South Korea1124
6. Brazil1113
7. Netherlands1102
8. North Korea1012
8. Russia1012
10. Australia1001
10. Georgia1001
12. Japan0224
13. France0112
13. Hungary0112
15. Colombia0101
15. Cuba0101
15. United Kingdom0101
15. Poland0101
15. Romania0101
15. Chinese Taipei0101
21. Belgium0011
21. Canada0011
21. Moldova0011
21. Norway0011
21. Serbia0011
21. Slovakia0011
21. Ukraine0011
21. Uzbekistan0011

[LEFT]The events I want to watch are volleyball, boxing, taekwondo, fencing, table tennis, & judo. I’ll probably watch some other events too. I wish they had Karate…not sure why that isn’t an Olympic sport by now.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]So….China not only raised the bar for epic opening ceremonies, they decimated it. I don’t think it can be topped. Everything else will be lackluster by comparison. Oh well.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Only a few weeks left![/LEFT]


Let’s go USA basketball. Looking forward to track and field, soccer and diving too.



Women track & field and women’s volleyball I plan to follow hard…lol. watching trials as well.

So many perfect asses…also I gotta cheer for my homey Alison Felix

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I wonder if Usain Bolt will dominate the tracks again.


I am so looking forward to the olympics. I am going to watch swimming, track, hockey, and fencing


Exactly 1 week left!


I see what you did there.

Hopefully that false start rule change won’t fuck things up he did get DQ’d during the championships last year.

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Opening ceremonies is tomorrow at 4 PM eastern, which is 9 PM London time.


First official LOL Spain of the Olympics.


Haha, nice. If USA loses in basketball, there will probably be riots in the streets.


Did any of you guys (or other players) actually make the trip the London for this?

If so, let me know if you need info about any of the arcades/tournaments/sessions and stuff going on while you’re here :slight_smile:


Use of decimate in the OP blew my mind.


will there be any streams?



goddamn right the chinese decimated that shit

yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii



They showed the South Korean flag instead of the North Korean flag at the Olympics (Soccer), and of course BEST KOREA decided to not play.


props to whichever athlete smashes Michelle Jenneke


Can’t wait to see what kinds of uniforms the womens’ volleyball teams wear. :lovin:


Didn’t they say they might have to wear more because of the weather I hope it stays sunny if not :(.

I’m interested in the archery them Koreans.

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Watching the Opening Ceremony on NowhereTV on Roku.

WOW - I’m not impressed.

I don’t know if its because I can’t help compare it to the 2008 Bejing Ceremony but…I feel like it’s more of a tourism video/commercial of England/U.K.
Hope everyone enjoys it later. Maybe I need to wait for the NBC stream of this later.