The Official Thread: Predict The HATEMAIL For MvC2 On XBL!

I’ll start it off.

Random Player: Why are you flying around all day with Storm, you cheap loser!
Me: Because YOU’RE the loser. LOL

no skill

try not picking dat mango sentinal

Want to know how I feel about this thread?

Let’s have a bad games thread before it even is possible to.


“What is this I don’t even”

Took the words out of my mouth when it comes to this thread.

Way too early for this and rather pointless to do now.

I guess you feel better now?


Oh he’s so pringles.

This thread is dumb.

Of course it is, look who made it.

Rage quits after ten or so seconds after the match starts…I can see it happening right now.

chill guys, its okay…this thread is official

Oh, thank god… My dander was up for a second.

Oooooh, “keyboard warrior”, huh? lol

this fails hard. Why can’t all the mvc tentative threads be mashed together to avoid this kind of shit?

I really dont see the point in this thread either…i mean hell, XBOX live is all about Scrub newb ass players, hate/mail, and E-Thugs with no life in general…default, typical, etc. Its embedded with the system. (thats made of cheap outdated technology that anyone with a $2/hr payroll can afford (Quantity) i may add).

hell, there’s STILL no official word that MVC2 will be available for PSN or XBLV to begin with.
just cuz they’re suspicions and rumors floating around doesn’t make it official.
please close this thread, your excitement for something that doesn’t even exist (“yet”) is obvious…just please, calm down, take a seat…take a couple deep breaths, make sure all your ADHD meds have been taken, and patiently wait it out rationally like everyone else.



lol, i knew these Premium faggot members couldn’t accept nor handle the truth. I also suggest some of you all a spell checker…or redo grades K1 - 12, thanks

At least he’s not using his keyboard to consistently make dumb posts.

I already get it from HD

Guy: “OhWtF your GonnA play Like thAT!! BlAgrgHAg…”::player disconnects::

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Guy: "Blarghgh, u sucks, u cheap, you gonna throw like that!!?? use The MOVES!!
Me: "Its called tick throwing."
Guy: "I know what it IS!! oK!! I have been playing for 17 YEARS!! Ur cheap!! rawr!!"
Me: “u suck. rematch anytime k? hugs and kisses.”

Heyoo buddy!

STFU and GTFO, you dont belong here.

Fuckin chimp.

hatemailz: “Stop breaking the game! Your glitching it up!”

Me: “Uhhhhh…”