The Official Titanfall Thread

I know this is a fightin game forum, but that doesn’t mean we dont play other things. I’m interested to see who all plays Titanfall, though I’m not expecting much since I couldn’t find an official thread. There’s plenty to talk about as it pertains to this game (Expedition DLC just dropped yesterday), so have at it.

Wow, this is one active thread.

Anybody still playing this?

I still do, and @XthAtGAm3RGuYX‌ does as well. So far, we’re the only ones. Hell, I thought this thing was buried and locked.

I’ll have to party up with u guys. I’m still low level and awful, but enjoying the fuck out of this game.

Are you on 360 or Xbone?

And don’t worry about skill or anything, that shit comes like any shooter. Just keep playing and you’ll get it eventually.

No except really hardcore fans of TF cause the game is shallow.

SoVi3t is on Xbone.

I wa only looking for a simple mindless shooter and I hate CoD.

And yeah I figure I will die a lot until I unlock some shit.

Uninstalled. Liked it but it grew stale and yes that’s saying something coming crom an Avid CoD player. Really though the lack of a true goal kinda killed it plus lack of options in regards to building a class. Maybe I have been spoiled on other games but really now…wpuld be more fun if they increased player counts.

It really kind of sucks when Stim+Powercell is the best kit to go with no matter what weapon you choose -_- Titan loadouts are a smidgen more diverse.

I really dont think it needs more players.

But yeah part of the problem with this game is that it FEELS like an incomplete package. The campaign being a multiplayer lobby with ingame dialogue is disheartening. Half of the game modes dont work unless you have a fully communicating team. CTF? Fucking forget about it. Last Titan Standing? Better hope your team knows how to build a titan.

They also really fucked up huge by not doing extensive Titan customization. They could really learn a lesson from the japs on that. One of the most enjoyed parts of the mecha genre is having this giant metal killing machine and feeling like nobody has one like it. Dashing around in a Strider makes it feel like an FPS Armored Cored and that’s bomb as fuck. Except I cant customize it. It feels like a lifeless piece of equipment as opposed to my battle tested Ol’ Reliable. I mean they are on the right track with adding Insignias and different OS voices, which btw, Jeeves is fucking awesome. But It needs to have a look. If you come around the corner in an Ogre against people who’ve fought you earlier, they need to instantly recognize you just on aesthetics. Whether they recognize and go “Oh fuck it’s that guy with a 40 Burst”, or they go “Hey its that scrub with an Arc Cannon Strider”, your specific Titan needs to have a presence. I mean look at Halo. People ate the customization in 4 and Reach right out of Microsofts hands.

They could also stand to offer a better variety of guns and get rid of the fucking smart pistol. Some tweaks to the Arc weaponry would be appreciated as well. Giving some more Pilot abilities would go a long way. Right now nobody has a reason to use anything other than active camo. It’s just too useful.

I actually like Stim and Icepick. But I also love hacking me some Spectres and turrets. Smart Pistol is the fuckery quintupled. and I agree with the insignias. They’re a nice touch, but give me at least some color customizations or something.

I just now have a PC that will play this game so I started playing today, I am really bad.

I won’t lie I abused the hell out of smart pistol. It’s like if quickscoping was made even easier without even needing to ADS

It’s a bunch of bullshit. Even worse, one of the regen requirements for gen 5 (iirc) involves the Smart Pistol. I straight up wouldn’t go any higher than 4.
Speaking of which, the regen system is a really strong point for the game. It isn’t Call of Duty’s "Keep playing the game and you’ll get some prestiges."
It actually requires you to learn each weapon to get a new prestige. It feels more earned, and seeing a gen 10 sort of gives you a chill. It’s easier to actually gauge the skill of your opponent in TF.

How does the radar work exactly? How do u stay off radar or show up? Does basic movement make u show up on enemies radar? Are their unlocks,burn cards, or whatever that give u radar immunity?

I don’t believe there is anything that gives you radar invincibility, other than suppressors. You shouldn’t show up on the enemy’s radar unless you’re shooting someone.

Why do you have an Xbox?

The majority of my friends all had one, and I wanted a way to easily interact with them. I was primarily a PC player before I got my Xbox. I’m probably gonna get a PS4 whenever Persona 5 comes out, though…

Is this game still worth getting? It’s on deal on xbl, I was meant to get it on release but real life mix ups bodied me.