The official TMNT comics thread

I don’t know if this will last past this week, but I guess with the new film coming out, TMNT comics are on my mind after a long absence.

Has anyone read the new movie prequel comics?

I myself started with the Archie comics when I was small. Then later my friend let me borrow a lot his Mirage vol1 stuff. I Actually had the colorized editions of the first 11 issues (stupid hurricane) .Great stuff.

Return to new York and City at war are among the best arcs. I REALLY hope Peter Laird will put some new tpbs soon.

also, if you have net access, you can read the first 5 issues of the Mirage vol 1 series, as well as the Raphael one-shot(which introduces Casey Jones. The events are similar to what happened in movie 1.)

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Raphael one shot

Fugitoid one shot

Ok get going turtle maniacs.!!

this auction ended, but man 250 grand to buy all 40 pages of original art of TMNT vol 1.
I still kinda wonder why Eastman 's doing it, besides the flow of course. I guess he really wants to put tmnt behind him? He did sell the rights outright to Laird in 2001.

woow :sweat:

Im so envious lol

Good idea for a thread! Hey this new forum is working out well. :smile:

Favorite Eastman & Liard TMNT story was when they finally offed Shredder for good, but I loved lots of the stuff when Eastman and Liard took a break. Rick Vietch’s Sky Highway is classic. Also during this arc the story that the third movie was based (comic was A LOT BETTER) was cool and Renet looked hotter than ever. :lovin: Shout out to Soul’s Winter that came out as a trade in February, hyper realistic version of the turtles where one of them gets a hand cut off. Great stuff!

Was city at war that good? I remember getting the first issue, but then the shop I went to quit carrying it. I never got a chance to read it. I guess I’ll bite the bullet and try to find it.

I m a tmnt fanboy , but most Mirage fans consider it in the top 3 almost unanimously.

I 've only read it once like 12 years ago.
It ran from 50-62. It had the main plot of all the gang violence between the shredder elites and the foot clan and KArais attempt to stop all the violence. something bad (personally to her)happens which forces her to seek tmnt out. they make an uneasy truce to take out the foot elites.

also, during this there are 3 other subplots…

–april, dsiillusioned with the hiding in Northhampton farmhouse for years(i guess?) and unable to further a relationship w/ Casey goes to LA to visit her sister and reflect on her past and decide what to do.

–Casey, working on his issues from the previous story, goes on a long ass road trip, and begins to fall in love with awaitress at a colorado diner, but complications develop

–splinter decides to mediate /do hi sown shit. I dont remember the exact sequence, but he goes to some remote town and becomes incapacitated due to a broken leg and has encounters with the Rat King.

Of course, i dont wanna spoil it (and i cant remember every detail lol). It really closes up all the loose ends with the Foot clan story (for the most part).

Unfortunately , it was never put in tpb form, which means you gotta rummage through all the stores/ebay to get it.

Wow, that sounds awesome. I only read about as far as the graphic novels went, like as far as the Triceritons, fugitoid and renet storylines. Up until city at war, that is, which I only have the first issue of. I really love that cover though.

The TMNT comics done by Image comics are my favorites.
Raph gets the shredder mask and all that good stuff.

I read/bought the first like 12 or so issues of Image and liked most of the stuff they were doing, but 2 things bugged me:

  1. Don becoming a cyborg and the back and forth between the AI and Don was a bit meh.

2)The art esp in the beginning, seemed hard to read , like planes in space.
If you look at mirage vol 1 and the amount of shading/tones used, and look at the image art , it looks a bit too open to white space.

Its a shame people dog on it b/c :

it was made by Image and i guess the Image “art/violence” stereotype pushed people away.Also, it didnt help that the live action movies ended on a bad note and the toon was in its last season with the unpopular “redsky” motif.
I read an interview with Erik LArsen (editor of the book and creator/writer/artist of Savage Dragon) that it was an uphill battle getting stores to order it. Also, he daid that storeowners would have guys in costumes/kiddy promotions for the book and some parents balked at the book.

Back to the comic itself,
. Also, Splinter becoming a monster and killing people presented a crisis to the turtles and also let him do something than just playing the wise old mentor.
The thing I liked at the end was the introudction of Pimiko to complicate the shred-turtles relationship. Add Raph leading the Foot Clan and donning Shreds armor, with the introduction of “LAdy Shredder” overthrowing Raph was going great. It was never revealed who lady shredder was, but Gary Carlson intended it to be Karai.

a preview of an upcoming Tales of TMNT issue 36.

artwork looks awesome , especially the cover

(scroll down to where it says shellshocked)

The TMNT comics Thread

Last night I finished reading Vol. 1 of TMNT, and it was a great ending.
I have to admit, midway the series had some rather annoying ‘one-shot-ish’ stories from various writers and authors that I didn’t bother reading them (but might in the future :P).
If anyone’s interested in reading the series I suggest you read from any TPB up until the end of the Return to New York arc. Afterwhich, fast forward to the last 15 or so issues starting with Shades of Grey.
For more info on the comics and reading orders, check this site-

Merged your thread with this one. :smile:

^Yeah sorry 'bout that ^_^;;;.
Anyway if I were to have a favourite character in this series, it’d prob. be Nobody; the fact that he’s a normal human who dresses in a uniform super-hero-ish style kicking ass really appealed to me.
I also loved how his cape messed things up for him during Shades of Grey.

Is there any chance Mirage or somebody will reprint the series in TPB format? It’s tough to find these babies for a reasonable price. I really felt like Mirage dropped the ball when the movie came out last year. That could have been a great time to reprint the comics for a mass audience.

Finished reading Vol. 4 a couple of days ago. Vol. 3 was nice but…it felt more fanfic-ish if anything, Vol. 4 was a nice continuation to Vol. 2, but I really hope they continue it in the near future, the whole Utrom and Battle Nexus thing is a lot more interesting than I thought in the comics.

If anyone was wondering where to buy the comics from-
Vol. 2 is in the Coloured section BTW :stuck_out_tongue:

WHAT?! I’ve been gone too long! What issues do these events occur in?

I’d like to have a read of the archie comics. Although they are aimed for the younger crowd they had some pretty fresh spins on the turtles.

Allan was on point on art and, Clarain was pretty good on writing. After issue 27, it gets great. Everything before that was kiddy and crappy-looking.

Read the Mutanimal’s arch then. It’s pretty dark and bad ass.

I was kinda after the issues from 5-25. Actually the art was done pretty well.