The Official Toonami Thread: Fight tha powa!


Go ahead turn to CN and watch some DBZ and watch tom do his thing!
What are your thoughts on this D:!

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not me but uh ok


My reaction:

This better not be some sort of sick April fools joke.


I approve of this thread


Sheeeit this is FOR REAL! It’s the “old” dub DBZ as well… hell yeah…purists be damned, I prefer this version…


This shit might be a troll, almost positive it is. Im sure as fuck watching it.


Also HUZZAH for Bruce Faulconer music.


ya’ll liein


Please don’t let it be a sick joke. I’d rather see these old shows than the stuff they show now.




They did a review of ME3.

These are not Toonami reruns? This is one elaborate April Fools joke.


God, I’m not sleeping tonight. Tom even did a ME3 review, shit’s bringing back memories.


Are u guys fucking serious dont make me run and turn on my TV


Turn your tv on right now. This is the best April Fools joke.


Those beautiful memories of legit game reviews.


Now they’re showing Gundam Wing… aww shit…


It’s an Adult Swim April Fool’s joke.



If this is a serious April Fools joke then fuck CN. Why they fuckin with my emotions like this


They can prank me with this good stuff everyday!