The Official UCR Thread v2


New thread since Mike’s not really managing the old one anymore.

For those who don’t know, Lat55 now has fightsticks for the 360. You can rent out an xbox, a copy of SSF4, and a stick all for free, you just need to show them your UCR student ID. For you Blazblue heads you guys could bring your copy of the game too and play it on their xboxes.

Usually people come to Lat55 and play in between classes, we don’t really meet up every Wednesday anymore unless we actually plan something.

A friend of mine once said, “Let’s make this school a little less shittier.” :looney:



Meet up this Wednesday evening?


I’m down… even though it’s gonna be another full week until Wednesday haha. Does anyone have recording equipment? We should record matches for the funzies.


yeah i do… my phones camera… but don’t worry it shoots in 720p =) … is ucr entering a team for rival schools? mark just pick a squad lol

edit: also anyone gonna be at socal regionals??


I pick these 5.

Mark - Cammy
Mark - Ryu
Mark - Akuma
Mark - Chun-Li
Mark - Guile

lol jk, I don’t have money to enter tourneys :[


Nice Mark. Any specific time on Wednesday… or is it just Wednesday nights like last time?


“lolz” so in other words if you had the money to enter that tourney with a team of just you then you would


i’d pay 10 for a 5man team consisting of myself yes. not 50 doe hahaha. and that yugioh game doesnt look too hot haha.


I was just at SCR today. Pretty crazy shit. Don’t know if i’ll be going back for the finals.

And i’m free this week to do a wednesday session


oh whaat? did you see me lol? i was there for most of the good sako matches like andy ocr and even the jwong sako


the hell on saturday? how did i miss you?! hahaha

yeah i got there around like 1 or 2 and stayed there until the KOFXIII finals were done. then went back home.


I have a USB recording equipment. but it’s for composite and S, not HDMI. I believe the monitor in lat is HDMI.
real time recording requires us splitter, ok laptop, and a monitor with composite inputs. I guess cell phone recording is fine.
Not sure I can make this or not, but I’ll try. see you guys there.


I’m going to The Barn on wednesday night so I won’t be there.


i forgot there’s this show i want to go to on wednesday (not the barn). nvm haha can’t go


Good job Kenny at SCR.


aaaahhhhh, zombiesatediana just trolled me. lol
no, I am very very salty about the result as a one of california player. I should’ve stopped tokido from winning.
still Thanks for that tho.

so nothing is on Wednesday, right? btw, why is it on wednesday night anyways?


I prefer Friday during lunchtime or afternoons, but that’s just me cuz I’m usually in the area…


lets get a session going or somethingg
i want to play! my white roommate destroyed my xbox :[


Other than the those who mentioned earlier that they can’t make it, does Wednesday(tomorrow) 7-ish sound good for everyone?


depends if i feel like dropping by lol