The Official Unofficial "Fables" Thread

Searched for a thread, found nothing.

“Fables” is a Vertigo comic book about fairy tale characters, dubbed Fables, who escaped their world to the real world centuries ago, living in secret amongst normal humans (aka “mundys”). The central characters are Bigby Wolf, the former Big Bad Wolf, given the power to turn and remain human, and Snow White, who is pretty much in charge of Fabletown and its denizens.

It’s a very well-written, very adult comic (SRKers should appreciate Prince Charming’s disposable treatment of women :rofl:) that’s wildly entertaining. I bought the first three volumes and loving every page. Anybody else read this awesome comic?

Some info from Wikipedia:

Right now, all I have to say is that the correct spelling is FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABLES!!!111. I don’t think I can participate comfortably in what would undoubtedly be the greatest and most important thread in SRK history if you don’t fix the spelling in the thread title.

You fail at internet. Look what I found by typing “Fables” in the “Search this forum” option.


Well that thread is a little old and there was a bit of drama, so this thread is fine. :smile:

Cinderella was freaking sexy in the recent issues.
I’ma pause this series now and wait till the war is over and read it in one session.

Apologies; I must’ve misspelled something.

I read till issue 48 or so I think, cause that’s all my friend had on him.

Good read. Loads of fun.

I love Fables way too much. It took a while to catch up, but I now own the first 10 trades, 1001 Nights of Snowfall hardcover and issues 70 - 74… finally reading the series month to month is awesome. It’s like catching up on the DVDs of your favorite show and finally being able to think about each episode as they air.

Jack of Fables is also good, albeit for different reasons. Not quite as epic as the main series, but it’s funny enough to warrant a purchase every month and it is canon material and all.

Oh and since the 6th trade paper back: Boy Blue > everyone. With the minor exception of Ambrose in the 10th trade.

Very good so far indeed, but who does the Big Bad Wolf think he is, Wolverine?

And I just love the “I am the Eggman” diner that’s there in the city too.